Najib told to release detainees of outgoing ISA

(Harakah Daily) – Sep 18: Now that the Internal Security Act is on the way out following prime minister Najib Razak’s promise last week, PAS said the remaining detainees under the draconian act should be either released or be charged in court.

“If they (ISA detainees) cannot be released immediately, PAS urges those who are detained without trial to be brought to court immediately so that they can defend themselves if the government has concrete evidences to prove they are terrorists,” information chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said in a statement.

Najib’s announcement of the end of ISA however was followed by a statement by Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein that present detainees would continue to be detained until two new acts were introduced to replace the draconian law.

According to Hishamuddin, the detainees were suspected to have links to terrorist networks.

The euphoria over Najib’s speech also seemed to have been silenced by the fact that the ISA would only be repealed next year when the two new acts were tabled as stated by minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz.

In reaction, PAS said it was disappointed with the statements which did not reflect Najib’s pledge.

“The two new laws will only be tabled next year according to Nazri and all these will add the suffering to the family of ISA detainees who had high hopes after Najib’s announcement two days ago,” stressed Tuan Ibrahim.

He urged Hishamuddin to act wisely by releasing all ISA detainees as a gesture of sincerity, adding that it would only help regain people’s confidence in the current administration.