Johor DAP leader accused of RM500,000 fraud

The Johor DAP’s woes took another hit when its Bakri liaison committee deputy president was alleged to have misappropriated funds worth half a million ringgit.

(Free Malaysia Today) – The bickering by Johore DAP and PKR over seat negotiations has taken a new twist.An email is making its rounds alleging that a Johore DAP man has misappropriate funds worth half a million ringgit.

The email alleges that  Bakri liaison committee deputy president Gwee Tiong Hiang of misappropriating funds worth about RM500,000 from its liaision committee in Bakri.

It says the  funds, were collected over the last four years, in his then-capacity as the liaison committte chairman.

“And now the liaision committee only has about RM3,000 in its account despite having nearly RM60,000 earlier this year,” reads the email.

The email states that allegations against Gwee also surfaced in 2006 when he was linked to a dubious transaction involving the purchase of the Muar DAP office at Jalan Sakeh.

“Even then, eighteen DAP members came forward alleging impropriety involving the purchase but the matter was silenced due to the intervention from the central leadership,” reads the email.

In addtion, Gwee was also said to have transferred party funds to a company which was not recognised by DAP.

“He set up a company called Bakri Sunshine Project Company in the pretext of using it for charity purpose and transferred party funds there. Instead of crediting the liaison committee, he uses the company to promote himself.”

The email also alleged that Gwee had used funds from the liaison committee to purchase a four-wheel drive which was  not registered under DAP.

“ He took out RM10,000 of party funds to purchase a vehicle but registered it under his name and four other friends,” reads the email.

Acknowledging the fact that his committee was in severe financial constraints, Gwee is said to have  told that he would raise funds again by having dinner events.