Six questions to Dr M over Merdeka denial

(Harakah Daily) – Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s remark backing a statement by pro-UMNO academic Dr Zainal Kling that Malaya had never been colonised has prompted Johor PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat to pose six questions to the former strongman.Suhaizan said Dr Mahathir’s comments only confirmed the fact that the British then was more powerful than the Sultans before August 31, 1957.
“Johor PAS Youth representing the Malaysian youth want clarification from Dr Mahathir and other academicians to these questions,” he added.

The six questions to Dr Mahathir are:

1. Who was the government prior to August 31, 1957? The Sultan or the British?

2. To whom people in Malaya during this period were told to be loyal to?

3. What is your perception about Tok Janggut, who killed the police which also comprised of Malay Muslims, when he attacked government interests in Kota Bharu in 1915?

4. How about Malay Muslim officers who fought with their lives protecting the government of that time?

5. Was there government propaganda before 31 August 1957 to depict those who fought against the government of that time as having betrayed the Sultans?

6. Is it wrong to regard UMNO as the ‘golden child’ as they had not been subjected to any ban by the government during the 1948 emergency, when other groups were banned?