Kalimullah’s friend, Leslie Lopez keen on GO


Our posting, “GO or no GO, Zarinah and SC under scrutiny” attracted Raja Petra’s attention and he gave us a link.

For those newcomers in blogging i.e. post 2008 bloggers, something important to learn. There is no permanent “enemy” or permanent “friend”in the blogosphere. It all depend on the issues. Yesterday’s “enemy” could be a “friend” today.

Remember that we are moving the country forward. Again, we are moving it issues by issues. Off course, ignore those twisted and lying portals. They will eventually face the consequences.

Returning back to the issue, in that posting, we said Sime Darby may be facing the possibility of doing a GO together with the 30% shares vendors, Datuk Tham Ka Hon or known as Terry Tam, Tan Sri Wan Azmi, and GK Goh Ltd.

We raised the issue of SC Chairperson’s husband, Dato Azizan Abdul Rahman purchased shares before the deal announcement. SC’s response is that they will look at all E&O transaction in relation to the Sime deal.

Something is strange. Why is Dato Kalimullah’s man in Singapore Straits Times, Leslie Lopez echoing us? Scary to have Kalimullah agree with us. It’s looking rooting for some sleepy devil.

Below is Leslie’s article: