The many handbags of Rosmah Mansor

(HARAKAH DAILY) – The prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor never fails to generate intense public interest. And even when she herself does not, her accessories would inevitably generate news.

This pictorial takes you to a variety of handbags carried by Rosmah during her many trips and official events. While we cannot comment why many of these photographs were taken while she is seen supplicating a prayer, one thing obvious is that the bags spot the same design and make.

An email which has gone viral among Malaysians claims that the handbags are from the series called the ‘Birkin bag’, named after British actress Jane Birkin. Priced between US$9,000 to US$150,000 each, the ‘Birkin’ bag, distributed by the French high fashion house Hermès, is considered a symbol of wealth and luxury due to its exclusivity and high price.