Project Malaysia: Belong or ‘Lelong’?


I am lucky to have a father who taught me early in life that diversity is something beautiful. I grew up in an environment that was colourful.

But the colours that I saw growing up were predominantly a short spectrum consisting of three main colours. Each corresponded to distinct faces and features that I found out later had ethnic identities – Melayu, Cina, India.


Some years later, as I peeked at the forms being filled in by my father to enroll me in primary school, I noticed the existence of another colour given the name of ‘Dan Lain-Lain’.


I soon learned that there was more to the spectrum than what I had known back then.


Despite the convenient label of ‘Dan Lain-Lain’, each one of those colours matters and makes up Malaysia.


Each one belongs here.


This Hari Malaysia, why not take a look again at our Project Malaysia?


Let’s see if our Project Malaysia is truly one that is inclusive and nurtures a sense of belonging in our hearts.



Or is it a Project that focuses on selling off every particle that is beautiful and ours in a truly wholesale manner, ‘Lelong’ style.


Let’s lift the label ‘Dan Lain-Lain’, look underneath and talk to a segment of our community that has been conveniently sidelined and its rights ‘lelong’ed alongside ours.


This 16th September evening, at our Rumah, we’ll be screening the short film that won the 2010 Freedom Film Fest organised by Pusat KOMAS.


‘Hak Dinafikan’ is the story of Orang Asal and was created by the Orang Asal themselves. The screening, which begins at 7 pm, will be followed by a discussion with the directors, Abri and Shafie, and also young activists from Sabah and Sarawak.


It’s high time we learn their story and understand that it is our story as well.


We have a few other activities planned for the day. The details of the event will be announced in a couple of days.


For now, please reserve time for Hari Malaysia 2011, this 16th September, 7pm, at Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia.



Jumpa di sana ya?




Dengan ikhlas,




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