Nazri beheads MCA and Gerakan


Now contrast this. A senior UMNO minister has declared that he would fight tooth and nail to ensure Chinese representation in a Barisan Nasional (BN) government even if the MCA or Gerakan fails to secure a single parliamentary seat in the coming polls.

Let’s have some fun with this statement.

(1) It seems UMNO already knows MCA and Gerakan can’t win any seats in the next GE. Liow will lose out in Bentong. Chua Soi Lek stands no chance in any of the parliamentary seats in Johor. My friend Pang Tsu Ming in Semambu Indera Mahkota will have to become an accountant once again. The other MCA rep in Teruntum, Chang, will make his exit.

(2) You have been in bed since the Perikatan days, you have not understood the Chinese psyche. They don’t like handouts, brother. Looking after Chinese voters is a cinch compared to looking after non-Chinese. This accounts for the massive losses incurred by MCA. You don’t allow MCA to be their Chinese self.

(3) Even at this juncture – you can’t help but cringe and grimace over his self-conceit – you mean only Gerakan and MCA represent the Chinese voters? But then, Nazri has never been known for his cerebral statements. He’s more of the swashbuckling type – make things up as you go along type. So, we can’t take him seriously on this.

(4) Nazri has inadvertently acknowledged that the Chinese have another party of choice. That will be the DAP. By saying that, you direct Chinese attention and also that of non-Chinese to examine the DAP personality.

(5). Nazri has given a free pass to DAP. Karpal Singh, the DAP chairman will have occasion to say thank you to Nazri instead of the usual barbs and punches he’s fond of giving Nazri.

Those who assailed DAP as being a carbon copy of PAP ignores the fact, that these two parties have lived worlds and time apart. PAP has evolved into an imperial party while the DAP, to its credit retains the image of no frills carry on ploughing political party.

I have never got myself acquainted on the inner dynamics of how the DAP functions. I was fortunate to be invited to a social gathering during the recent fasting month which the DAP organized. The first thing that strikes you is the minimalist approach which I think is almost a doctrine in DAP. It’s all business. Here you come to do only political business. No artificial gimmicks. You come dressed simply to work. You have a simple makan, engage in minimal small talks and then adjourned to do what is demanded on the agenda of the day. No singing, no show time by invited artists, no handing out hampers. 

You are quickly made conscious, that this is a party of the serious minded, do work – get results people. What does that tell you? It tells you, this party can sapu all the Chinese votes and if it pragmatically leavens its ethnic image can even entice support from non-Chinese.

My point then is this – Hello brother – the Chinese will have their representatives – the majority in DAP and the rest in PKR.

(6) Also Nazri is assuming, it is the BN which retains power. What if we have a new government? The Chinese can forget MCA because they are going to be vigorously represented by DAP and PKR.

Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri said that BN would not “punish” the Chinese voters by simply yanking their representatives from Cabinet posts if they refused to vote for the two Chinese-centric component parties.

How do you rate this kind of statement?  It comes from an ingrained and dyed in the wool feudal chief who elevates himself as dispenser of the spoils of war. In other words he is actually saying: MCA lu tak perlu bikin apa apa, we will fight for you.

Can MCA live without shame and indignity with this kind of partnership? No wonder the Chinese are abandoning MCA because MCA has forgotten how to be a real Chinese. The real Chinese doesn’t go around with bowl in hand asking and begging for political succor. The Chinese earned their keep and it’s a matter of pride – you get something by earning it.

Obviously Nazri doesn’t understand the Chinese mind.