You can’t be serious, Tsu Koon!

By Tota, Aliran

Under your KPI rating, you have placed the Ministry of Home Affairs under Hishammuddin as the top ministry. See ‘Home Ministry scores full marks with KPIs’ (Star).

I do not know what criteria you used to evaluate this ministry. You are either daft or blind to the sins committed by the police against the citizens. If you had bothered to conduct a survey of public perception of the police force, you would have obtained the truth – that is if you wanted the truth.

The inefficiency and corruption in the police force is legendary. Do you think much has changed since the report by the Royal Commision was made public? The refusal of the police to establish a Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, in defiance of the Royal Commission’s recommendation, speaks volumes about the way the police operate. Hundreds have died in police custody under strange circumstances and, in most cases, without proper coroner’s inquests.

The police are totally ignorant of basic freedoms, civil rights and liberties and constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly. The very partisan police force uses repressive laws like the ISA, the Sedition Act and the Emergency Ordinance selectively on the Opposition. Have the police ever acted against Umno thugs and lawbreakers? The police can smell candles weeks before candlelight vigils for ISA detainees are held but they conveniently plead ignorance of the many Umno-organised demonstrations. For example, the recent demonstration against the Penang Government and the blocking of two lanes of the Penang Bridge by Umno goons went without action by the police. Look at the police inaction against Umno bigots and extremists and Perkasa.

The Home Ministry uses the police to deny the constitutional rights of citizens to peaceful assembly under the pretext of preserving national security. The brutality of the police against the Reformasi movement, Hindraf and Bersih has rightfully earned the wrath of Malaysians. The periodic cases of torture allegations made by those arrested on suspicion of crime and the nude ear squats fiasco appear to be their standard operation procedure (SOP).

The crime rate is indeed scary. All this talk of declining crime rate is hogwash. Anyway, who believes government statistics? Aren’t gated communities and people policing their own housing estates and neighbourhoods a severe indictment on the police? The public perception of the police mostly is that of a bunch of low-calibre men with high-calibre weapons. Their specialty is tear gas and water cannons.

Tsu Koon, you know which side of your bread is buttered. Hishammuddin is Najib’s cousin and so has to be placed above all other Ministers, right? Tsu Koon, has the Home Ministry done anything efficiently and correctly?


A young Indian in Uttar Pradesh, India, was saved in the nick of time while trying to saw off his head so that he could get a job! (Article by Nuri Vittachi)

It makes one wonder what sort of jobs a headless person can do! Obviously, such jobs would be those which people do not need to use their brains or are not required to do so. In most Third World countries, including Bolehland, there is much evidence that in both the public and political sectors when people open their mouths they often reveal that they have nothing between their ears! All of them appear to be suffering from the “foot-in-the-mouth” disease.