Communist Malaya?

By John Doe

“..An abundance of material wealth, allowing for distribution based on need and social relations based on freely associated individuals.” -Karl Marx

production for use and the direct allocation of economic inputs to satisfy economic demands and human needs (use value); accounting is based on physical quantities of resources, some physical magnitude, or a direct measure of labour-time.[4][5] Goods and services for consumption are distributed through markets, and distribution of income is based on the principle ofindividual merit/individual contribution...” – Socialism

Simply put, it means: “Those who have more should help those who have less…”

The NEP is directly based on the above two core concepts of Communism, and Socialism. I’d like to see UMNO scream, and shout, and rant now. In fact, Socialists inspired by the Soviet model of economic development, such as Marxist-Leninists, have advocated the creation of centrally planned economies directed by a single-party state that owns the means of production.
Read all the key words above again. They are nouns. Perfect Nouns. Socialism, Communism, Marxist-Leninists, distribution based on need and social relations, Centrally-planned economies and single-party state. And the verb is “own the means of production”. Now for brain-exercise time. Who issues the licenses? Who controls the licenses of what people listen to? Who issues the license of what people watch on TV? Who says the richer shall help the poorer? Who says that the very concept of NEP is not Communal in nature?
Let’s look at other terms in use: 
‘The proletariat’, who collectively constitute the main producer of wealth in society, and who are perpetually exploited and marginalized. Surely even one with  a feeble mind does not need to think very hard to guess who that refers to.

“No matter what specific form the communist revolution takes, its aim is for the working class to replace the exploiter class as the ruling class to establish a society without class divisions, called socialism…”

It has become very obvious that UMNO read and memorized Karl Marx’s book, Communist Manifesto. For in it, he laid out a 10-point plan advising the redistribution of land and production to begin the transition to communism, but he ensured that even this was very general and all-encompassing. It has always been presumed that Marx intended these theories to read this way specifically so that later theorists in specific situations could adapt communism to their own localities and conditions.
On the History issue again, let us start to rewrite Malayan History, by starting out with:
Malaya was conquered by a Hindu Indonesian from Palembang. Malaya was then known as Tanah Siam. Sejarah Melayu confirms this, when it  demonstrates how the King of Temasik was murdered by this incoming Hindu Prince from Indonesia. This murdering Hindu Indonesian did not respect the Sovereignty of Thailand. He just came in and took whatever he wanted. None of his descendants have been punished for those crimes  yet. Yes, Sin can be passed down Genealogically. Just ask any Christian, Muslim or Jew. So, if your Grandaddy did something wrong, and if he was not punished yet, then you, the grandchild needs to pay for it. Illogical? Tell that to all those who say “I believe, and therefore, its true”.
Back on the History of Malaya, subsequent conquerers came and went. Anyone who fought the conquerers are heroes, any who did not are deemed traitors to the land. Simple as that. Check the year, and if it was a year where locals fought the “Foreign Party”, then, they should be called heroes. Amazingly, Malaysia decided to award Bumiputraship to the Portuguese, adopt 15% of the Portuguese Language into their own, and work with the Japanese Forces during WW 2 instead. Look East is a clear demonstration of how Malaya sucks up to their non-Muslim former invaders. Stupid? who knows… Ironically, UMNO is also actively shooting those who contribute the most to the Income-Tax Coffers of Malaya.
Perhaps Ghaddafi should be the next UMNO leader. He has plenty of money, is currently in dire need of a new home, and looks rather Malay-like anyway. Just pop a non-Islamic songkok and samping on him, and he’ll blend right in. But hey, according to the Constitution, even an Eskimo, or Osama bin Laden can be a Malay.
I’ll end with “Stupid is as stupid does”. In the meantime, let’s all get rid of UMNO.