Do you want to go to heaven?

Muslims believe in the Resurrection and the Afterlife, just like Christians do. Christians believe that those who follow Jesus Christ would go to heaven and all others would go to hell. Muslims believe that those who follow Prophet Muhammad would go to heaven and all others would go to hell.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Terengganu checks attempts to spread Shiite teachings

Attempts to propagate the teachings of the Shiite sect among Malaysia’s Sunni Muslims have been detected in Terengganu, according to the State Religious and Information Committee chairman Khazan Che Mat.

He said the chairmen of all mosques in the state received reading material pertaining to the sect by registered mail several days ago.

Khazan said he had instructed all recipients of the material to surrender them to the Terengganu Religious Affairs Department.

“We do not want anyone to have the impression that the propagation of Shiite teachings has the blessings of the state government,” he told reporters after an event organised by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) here today to popularise its Terengganufm and Kelantanfm channels. — Bernama 


To those who are not Muslims, the impression probably created is that Shiites are not real Muslims or are deviant Muslims. That is why the Malaysian government is blocking the spread of Shiite Islam and those Malaysian Muslims who follow Shiite teachings would suffer arrest.

Actually, Shiites are also Muslims. It is just that they follow a different sect of Islam. However, since they do not follow Sunni Islam, they are considered deviants by the Malaysian government.

Shiites are allowed into Mekah and Medina. If they were not Muslims then they would be banned from the ‘Holy Land’. The Saudi Arabian government is very strict on this and non-Muslims are forbidden entry into the two Holy Cities.

But Shiites are not banned from entry into Mekah and Medina. So this means they are still considered Muslims.

If you are born Malay, then you are automatically a Sunni Muslim. This is the law. And if you follow another sect of Islam, or you leave Islam to follow another religion, then you have committed a crime and you will be punished.

To those who are not Muslims, this may sound strange. After all, in other countries such as England, there are many types of Christians and no one is arrested if they don’t follow the Church of England.

But England was not always like this. 1,000 years ago, the Crusaders killed more Christians than they did Muslims. If you were a Christian of another sect, then you would be put to death.

In fact, only 500 years ago, ‘deviant’ Christians were still being put to death in England. Henry VIII was notorious for massacring thousands of his own citizens after he broke away from Rome and formed his own church with him as head of the church.

This break from Rome was partly for religious reasons and partly because of money and power. When England came under Rome, the very rich church sent money to the Vatican. With Rome out of the equation, Henry could confiscate the vast property of the church to become the richest King in Christendom.

You see, in those days, the church was richer than the King — while England was going bankrupt because of the many wars it embarked upon. So it made sense for Henry to take over as head of the church. Then, everything that the church owned would now be owned by the King. And we are talking about a lot of money here.

When Mary I ascended the throne, she tried to bring back England to Rome and the Protestants who resisted were put to death in great numbers. That was why she was known as Bloody Mary — blood flowed like rivers when she was Queen. Then Elizabeth I took over and she took revenge on the Catholics. Those who were Catholics were burned alive, just like what her sister Mary did to the non-Catholics.

Only now can you be whatever type of Christian you would like to be without facing the danger of being burned alive. However, until today, Catholics still can’t sit on the throne of England or become the British Prime Minister — a law passed by Parliament during the time of Elizabeth I.

Malaysia is 500 years behind England. No doubt, Malaysia does not burn Shiites alive or cut off their heads with a sword. But you will get arrested and the government will block the spread of Shiite at all cost.

If you are not a Muslim, you probably have the impression that the Prophet Muhammad was a Sunni or that Muslims believe that God is a Sunni Muslim.

Actually, Prophet Muhammad was not a Sunni, Shiite, Salafi, Ahmadiyya, Kharijite, Bahá’í, Ahl-e Haqq, Ismaili, Alawi, Zaidiyyah, Druze, Qadiri, Bektashi, Chishti, Naqshbandi, Oveyssi, Suhrawardiyya, or whatever.

All these different sects and sub-sects are inventions of man — just like the hundreds of many different Christian sects/sub-sects (see here: that at one time were killing one another in the hundreds of thousands or millions.

So, which is the correct version of Islam from the many different sects and sub-sects? The Malaysian government says Sunni Islam, and the Shafiee School in particular.

Is this what God said in the Quran? No! Is this what Prophet Muhammad said? No! This is what the Malaysian government says and the Malaysian government, and not God or Prophet Muhammad, is the final authority on Islam.

Muslims believe in the Resurrection and the Afterlife, just like Christians do. Christians believe that those who follow Jesus Christ would go to heaven and all others would go to hell. Muslims believe that those who follow Prophet Muhammad would go to heaven and all others would go to hell.

The Malaysian government believes that only those who follow the Malaysian government’s version of Islam would go to heaven while all others would go to hell.

So, if you want to go to heaven and not to hell, then follow the Malaysian government. And if you vote for Umno and Barisan Nasional, then you will not only be going to heaven but you will also be rewarded with many virgins for your sacrifice and jihad.

Hmm… what makes the government think that I like virgins? Give me a woman with experience any time.