DAP reveals another land shocker

A company owned by the CM’s niece has secured two parcels of state land at a very low price, prompting DAP to cry foul.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Sarawak DAP today exposed another shocking allegation on the abuse of power and misappropriation of state assets by the state government.

This time it concerned the alienation of two parcels of state land totalling 16,025 acres to a daughter and a niece of Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud at a cheap price.

One parcel of land with an acreage of 9,983 acres and the other with 6,142 acres at Sungai Anap between Bintulu and Kapit totalling 16,025 acres had been alienated to Ikrar Bumi Sdn Bhd at an alienation price of RM2.9 million, which was payable within five years.

Roughly, it is RM300 per acre.

The directors of the company which was incorporated in December 2007 are Ong Siok Ching, Kho Lian Gek, Elia Khadijah Abas and Raziah @Rodiah Mahmud who is the secretary.

All appointments took effect from 2008.

According to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), Elia holds 998 shares, while a Wang Ko Chung had only two shares.

A check with the National Registration Department revealed that Eliais was the daughter of Raziah and Abas Kassim. She is Taib’s niece.

DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen who disclosed this to the press said the two pieces of land were now being circulated in the market at a price of RM4,500 per acre.

“If the two pieces of land are sold, it will bring about more than RM60 million in income to Ikar Bumi Sdn Bhd.

“Rightly, this money should belong to the state,” he said, asking how come a dormant company could easily be alienated two parcels of state land.