A Spin Uncovered

By Masterwordsmith

According to Malaysiakini, Gerakan has refuted allegations that the party is irrelevant, revealing that since 2008, 27,000 news members have joined the party nationwide.

A few facts were listed in the report:

Number of new members in the following states:

  • Sabah – about 10,000
  • Pahang – about 4,000.
  • Penang – recorded a lower number of new members, around 1,000 (many of the party’s branches have full membership)

According to Gerakan President, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Khoon, Penang currently has about 50,000 Gerakan members.

If that is the case, why was it that only TWO HUNDRED (200) of 50 000 registered members attended the dinner?

That means only 0.4% of Gerakan members from Penang attended that dinner!!!

Now, what does that tell us about how relevant is Gerakan to its own registered members?

At the recent fund-raising Suaram Scorpene dinner, about 600 people attended the dinner!

The argument he gave that they are gaining support does not hold water.

The rationale given that the four independent YBs from Sabah – Raymond Tan Shu Kiah (Tanjung Papat), Au Kam Wah (Elopura) and Peter Pang En Yin (Karamunting ) – and from Pahang – Ho Yip Kap (Tanah Rata) chose to join Gerakan does not mean Gerakan is relevant!!!

There are 222 parliamentary seats and NONE are from Gerakan!

In Pahang, there are only 14 state seats and Ho Yip Kap was formerly from MCA, contested as an independent candidate and only joined Gerakan on 2nd January 2010. A Bernama statement revealed that Ho, 56, an MCA life member, was sacked from MCA for contesting the Tanah Rata seat as an independent.He rejoined MCA on 15th of March 2008.

At the dinner, Gerakan President said: “So, don’t say we are not relevant. How come these YBs chose us and not others?”

Feeling curious, I did a search on those four reps. Guess what I found?

According to The Malaysian Mirror, Gerakan Deputy President Chang Ko Youn said:

In fact, he said, under Dr Koh’s leadership, the party had been able to form more branches and recruit new members across the country.

He said Gerakan had managed, for example, to woo four independent assemblymen – three in Sabah and one in Pahang – into the party.