Chinese Tycoons Out of Touch?

By MR Malaysian

It is increasingly clear that many of the richest Chinese tycoons in Malaysia are becoming a liability for the Chinese and Malaysian community at large. Their interests are solely the expansion of their empires of wealth and influence and to this end, they are happy to become choir boys to gloss over any misdeeds or injustices in the Administration.

Most of them are quite shallow and compensate for their toadying up to the powers that be by flaunting their wealth by having highly visible bodyguards in addition to the de rigueur Bentley or other luxury limo. They have totally lost their moral compass and would do anything to ingratiate themselves with leading UMNO politicians.

In turn, they themselves feel that they are above the law or seek to try and put themselves above the law by crawling for titles such as Datuk or Tan Sri. They have more in common with the grasping, conniving politician than the ordinary Malaysian who want to see justice and fair play prevail. These tycoons have thrived because the very absence of justice and fair play have allowed insider traders and rent seekers free rein.

In a recent incident in a leading Italian restaurant in Bangsar, two tycoons (both Tan Sris), came in with a horde of bodyguards and were miffed to find that there was no private room available to them. They then refused to pay corkage for the wine they brought with them although the restaurant had invested in an extensive collection of wines.

The restaurant, to their credit, refused to budge on this policy and the two big shots rather than exit with their tails between their legs, reluctantly agreed.

At the end of their meal, in spite of being told that it was a non-smoking area, both insisted on lighting up a pair of gigantic cigars (possibly compensation for some sexual inadequacy) in the dining room. Again, to their utter dismay, the restaurant would not allow them to do so and suggested they go to the bar below where they could continue their discussions on their deals and the possible union of their respective children.


The two left vowing never to return to that fine restaurant that only insisted on adhering to long standing policies.

Good riddance, I say. Such people are a burden to society and we should be shamed by the inordinate respect given to these titled rogues.