Why the truth only now, George?

Former Sarawak deputy chief minister’s disclosure that the BN does not take heed of the Chinese community’s interests a boost for DAP

(Free Malaysia Today) – Sarawak United Peoples Party president George Chan’s ‘revealing’ statement that Barisan Nasional coalition does care about the Chinese was well received by the DAP.

Chan, a former deputy chief minister, said that ‘if DAP joined BN, it will be also useless like SUPP, MCA and Gerakan’ because BN does not care about the Chinese.

Chan, who lost his Piasau seat in the recent state election, was referring to an invitation by Nazri Aziz, the minister in the PM’s department for DAP to join the Barisan Nasional.

Nazri last week end urged DAP and PAS to join BN in an interview with Sin Jew Jit Poh.

Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jien said: “We have to thank George Chan for telling us the truth that even if DAP was to join BN, it will be useless as the BN does not take heed of the Chinese interest.

“The policy is that the BN does not take heed of what the Chinese want because they don’t care. Whoever joins BN, it is no use. That is the situation in BN.

“This is truth and George Chan’s honesty is appreaciated. But (unfortunately) it comes 15 years too late.”

Chong also chastised Chan and other members of the leadership for speaking the truth only after they had lost their seats and positions in the state Cabinet.

“Why are you telling us now? Why not 15 years ago when you were still the deputy chief minister?

“All this while, you have been telling the Chinese in Sarawak only in BN that you can achieve what the Chinese want. As the opposition you cannot do anything.

“But after you lost the election and your official post you are being truthful to the people. The reason is that there was a conflict of interest when you were inside.

“The only conclusion that we can draw now is that SUPP leaders only tells the people of Sarawak the truth when they lose the election and their official posts,” he said.