Loyalty to the King and Country


I was appalled by the reaction of the AF Chief over the vote manipulation by the serviceman in the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF). The Armed Forces chief had described those claiming that its rank-and-file had been involved in electoral fraud as an act of betrayal. To me, this is the face of a man who has shown nothing but disloyalty to King and the country.

Are the allegations that surfaced lately true? I am not from the rank and file. As an officer who formerly served in the AF, I say it clearly that it is true. My own ballot paper was marked by a corporal in Mindef during the 1999 GE. If my words are not good enough, please ask the honorable Brig-general at mind no evil blog. To me anyone that manipulates the voting system in this country is treacherous. The one who ordered the lower rank personnel are a bigger traitor. A general who comes on TV and says it did not happen is clearly nothing more than a political pawn.

I would give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he never had opportunity to be involved in the vote rigging. Therefore I can say that he made a statement based on his own experience. However, I expect a serving General to come to the fore and says that he is not sure about it in the past (because he was at a lower rank back then and was not aware of the scam) but while he is holding the fort he will ensure that it will not happen. That is my expectation from this man and not calling those who had declared what they did as traitors.