Babi nak Rasuah

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By steadyaku47

I saw this video on MIMPI SENJA blog site. Anger, shame and an overwhelming sense of betrayal overcame me as I see this BABI (or Policeman if you want to be polite and give him his due) bring shame to me as a Malay, embarrassment to me as Malaysian by asking for bribes from a Singaporean and most of all a confirmation that corruption and SAYA NAK RASUAH is alive and well in the BABI community…or as you all know it…PDRM!

And it is all done as part and parcel of their every day activities…so smooth, so practised  and so confident of himself that he will get what he asks for!

This Babi is asking and getting SATU RATUS RINGGIT. This is not only daylight robbery but this is how those with any power in Malaysia can extort money from the public and are doing so at will because they get away with it. You can see how many BABI are deployed in this operation – not stopping one car at a time but many many cars at any one time. Can you imagine the amount of money they rake in?

In the thousands in a day……and yet I am sure that what they collect in the whole month from us unfortunate motorists still dwarfs what their Senior Officers, their IGP and what their Ministers rake in a week from their collection from God knows who else!  

No less a person then our Prime Minister should see this as a blight upon the good name of our country because this will by now, be all over Singapore. This will, by now be discussed and talk over by Singaporeans during their coffee breaks, meals and anytime they get together with each other…and every time I can just picture them give that knowing nod of the head and a wry smile that confirms  “I told you they are a corrupt lot” sentiments that they have always had about not only the Malaysian Politicians, but the Malaysian Babi and by inference all us Malaysians. Malu lah Najib. Where to hide our face…

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