Pay this, tax payers!

She can’t be reprimanded, only rewarded.

The 1Malaysia Prime Minister awarded the bonus because of “job well done in making the national projects a great successes” 

By Lee Wee Tak

I can feel my blood vessels busting reading about the financial management circus going round in this country. Commonsense tell us that a budget is meant to guide how money is being spent. Try screwing up your personal or company’s budget and see what happens.


But with Barisan Nasional administration, it is as normal as breathing to exceed previous year’s budget and asking for more and more money via Supplementary Supply Bills after the annual national budget is rubber stamped by partisan MPs who can do no more than blind worshipping yet another deficit budget.

In other ways, just 1) draw up a bigger budget than last year, 2) over spend it and 3) ask for more money to burn since the dumb rakyat are going to pay for it and vote Barisan Nasional back anyway. Do remember than in June 2011, an additional RM13 billion is being request but barely 2 months later, Malaysian tax payers are going to be hit by another 4 financial blows costing maybe RM10 billion, at least apparent to this fuming tax payers.

1) 6 P programme

Come to think of it, when our paid government officers have failed to prevent millions of illegal immigrants infiltrating our country, resulting in squalid environment, suppressed wage levels, taking away employment opportunities of genuine citizens, criminal activities and outflow of funds from our country, the under-performing administration will get between RM3.65 to RM7.78 billion sucked out from employers who flaunt immigration and employment laws.

Businesses being businesses; they will take this additional operating expenses, add a mark-up of 10%, 50%, 80% or whatever they like and push up cost of living even higher.

The operating expenses would include down time arising from the inordinately long hours spent on getting the illegals to Putrajaya to queue and be processed.

This is a golden era for illegal immigrants and probably would encourage them to immediately swim into Malaysia and walk straight to Putrajaya. Perhaps the E.C. office round the corner for some sight seeing too?

 Instead of focusing on eradicating and evicting illegal workers, the Rakyat Diutamakan administration is focusing on diluting the interest of genuine Malaysians.

2) Half month bonus to civil servants

Working in private sector, bonus is something that one has to work, fight, hope and pray for. Many a time, one might feel a sense of helplessness. “I did so much work and the boss say the economy is bad so no bonus!!!???”;even after I pointed out so much in my performance appraisal report, the bonus I got is not near what I deserve.” Such is life outside the cushy air conditioned offices of iron rice bowls holders.

However following
* the chaotic and infuriating 6P registration process,
* the scathing attack by Teoh Beng Hock RCI on MACC’s modus operandi,
* mass arrest of custom officers on charges of corruption,
* creative use of ISA to punish corrupt immigrant officers,
* bombardment of Tung Shin Hospital,
*the registration of “Kampung Baru” and thousands other as a voter,

the 1Malaysia Prime Minister awarded the bonus because of “job well done in making the national projects a great successes”

                                           She can’t be reprimanded, only rewarded.

What tangible success is he talking about? Was there any performance appraisal to identify those who deserve a reward and those who deserve the sack or worse?

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