‘Only three states for BN-Umno’

Barisan Nasional has lost 80% of the younger generation voters.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin is pessimistic about the future of Barisan Nasional. He believes that BN can say its comfortable but only in Johore, Malacca and Pahang.

But even in Pahang, a few parliamentary seats will slip out of BN’s grasps as with a few more state seats.

But overall, Daim believes Pahang will remain under BN, according to his alter ego The Oracle of Syed Putra, with whom I recently conversed.

And if I am at liberty to translate the body language of The Oracle, Daim is also pessimistic about the political fortunes of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

I am sure that I’ve heard the same disconcerting vibrations from former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself.

The Oracle said Daim’s exhortations to the two top leaders (Najib and deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin) to go down and meet up with the cawangan (division) people is unheeded.

“Meeting with Ketua Bahagians can be a misleading source of information, they will tell of everything good and what they have done with a view of getting re-elected.

“But you need to go down to the basics – listen to the views in the raw (yourself). If possible exclude the ketua bahagians.

“But they (Najib and Muhyiddin) haven’t done this.

“The PM is busy with his overseas trip. The DPM will not move lest whatever actions he takes will be misconstrued as upstaging the boss.

“And that can cause some internal upheavals in Umno,” said the Oracle.

Losing battle

Speaking further the Orcale said Umno and BN have lost their influence over the younger generation.

Eighty percent of the younger voters are not going to vote for the BN.

I asked the Oracle if he thought Umno could win the battles in cyberspace?

And this is what he said: “Just look at the articles being spewed by the Umno cyber troopers.

“Some of them are stuck with the idea that the PM of Malaysia is still Dr Mahathir and so their articles will be tailored to suit the positions taken by Dr Mahathir.

“You watch – Dr Mahathir hasn’t spoken his true mind (yet) about the Najib administration.

“Once he does that all hell will break loose,” he said adding that one reason for Mahathir’s ‘silence’ is the restraint counselled by Daim.

The majority of the Umno cybertroopers are spewing hate articles all the time with the expletives and vitriol.

Will these engage the fence-sitters; those independent minded thinking would-be voters?