“Questions for Muslims”

By John Doe
Soul-searching Questions:
The only pre-requisite would be, that you have read the complete Koran.

Download the free PDF versions which are freely available, or else, download the numerous mp3 versions if you are too lazy to read the words of the Entity which created the World, and the Planets, and the Quasars, and the Black Holes, and the Warp Holes, and the DNA, and the most important one by Allah of course, is…. JAIS. The 114th Book of the Koran is dedicated to JAIS. In fact, it is titled “JAIS”.

Is the Koran the word of Allah?
Is the word of Allah infallible?
Is every single word in the Koran directly from Allah?
Can Muslims choose to obey some and not other rules as dictated in the Koran?

What is Syariah Law?
Is the 
Syariah Law the decree of Allah?
Is this Law absolute?
Can the Syariah Law be changed?
If the 
Syariah Law is absolute and the decree of Allah, then why are no two Muslim countries having the same Syariah Law?
How many Allah’s are there, if that’s the case?
Does Allah have different Laws for different people?
If he indeed does, and the multiple versions of Syariah Laws prove just that, then move to a country which has more relaxed Syariah Laws. Allah is apparently more Merciful there.
Who is JAIS?

Set “C”
Is Allah fair?
Is Allah just?
Why does Allah condemn some to stoning but not others?
If you believe that every single letter of the Koran should be followed, then Stoning should be brought back.
(And Razak Baginda should be stoned first, because he admitted to adultery with Altantuya.)
Rosmah should be the First Lady to be stoned. Why? Because she does not wear the Jilbab.
And we have all seen her ankles.
Hishamuddin stoned himself with beer. (yes, most of us have seen that picture too)
Has JAIS arrested Hishamuddin yet?
Has JAIS arrested Hishamuddin’s daughter yet, for producing porn?
Is Hishamuddin bashing his head on the wall after reading this?
Did he damage the wall?
Can JAIS arrest him for vandalism then?

Set “D”
How literal should we follow the Koran?
Every word? Some words? Or whatever JAIS says?
Who determines that JAIS is the absolute authority on what Allah said 1,400 years ago?
Can JAIS show us the Allah-Human SMS, or e-mail MT the Certificate from Allah?
Who is JAIS again?

Set “E”
If JAIS cannot verify that they are indeed the authority for Allah, then why are their Laws different from the mUddle East?
Why are there only fines, and “re-education” in Malaysia and NOT stoning-to-death?
Where did hand-cutting come from?
When was the last Hand cut after Friday Prayers in Malaysia?
When is the next Hand-Cutting Ceremony?
Why do the Malaysian Police still have their hands?
Why does UMNO members still have their hands?
Should they all not have been cut off because of corruption?
Who is JAIS again?

Set “F”
Does Allah defend people?
Do people have to defend Allah?
Who is JAIS again?
JAIS…Keep quiet.