Retarded Muzium Negara

By John Doe

It’s one thing not-to-know. It’s quite another thing to pretend-to-know, and pretend “educate” the masses. I am referring to Muzium Negara. Yes, the newly renovated Muzium which cost the Taxpayers Millions of Dollars. I deliberately stopped there, during my very recent visit to Malaysia. I was aghast at some of the exhibits. This message goes out to En. Kamarul Baharin A. Kasim. Your Muzium may look pretty today, but sorely lacks any credibility whatsoever. The Devil is in the details. So, here’s my “Satanic Verse” to you.

The very first exhibit displays Pangaea. Do you not know that discussing Pangaea is a subservient attack on the Koran? All Judaeo-Christian-Islamic “Holy Books” state that the World is merely 6,000 odd years old. The Pangaea date starts at the 250million year mark. Is your Arithmetic so bad not to know the difference? Are you a closet Atheist? No? Why not show the entire Human Family Tree while you’re at it then? Why just an Orang Utan? Afraid to lose your job? Hankering for a Datukship? Fat chance !! Next, behind the exhibit of the Human Evolution model, is Perak Man. Yes. The one which spent years in Japan, because Malaysians were deemed unfit to do any real study on real research work. Perak Man is the flagship of Zuraina Majid’s career. However, she fails to explain why Perak Man is older than Adam and Hawa (Eve). Perak Man is touted to be 10,500 years old. This makes him circa 4,000 years older than Adam and Eve. Strange isn’t it? Alright, “I believe, therefore it’s true”.

Do you really know what any discussion on Pangaea really means?

Why isn’t Niah Man (actually Woman) on display as well? She is 40,000 years old, and deserves a far more important spot than Perak Man. I know ! It’s because she was discovered by Tom Harrison, and NOT Zuraina Majid. That’s why! Also important to note, that Niah Woman is 34,000 years older than Adam and Eve. You want old? Go no further than the island of Jowo. The homeland of Java-Man (and most Peninsular “malays”). He is 1.8 million years old !! In fact, he is 1.7999 million years older than Adam and Eve. To be precise, he is the oldest homo erectus found in Southeast Asia. Not important? Alright… What about Peking Man? He is also much older than Adam and Eve; at least by 125,000 years.

Zuraina, synchronize Evolution, Cambrian, Paleozoic, Paleolithic, and the stone tools from Kg Temelong which you claim is close to 200,000 years old with the 6,000 History as provided in the Koran, Biblios, and the Torah. Are you a closet Atheist too? Should Jais pay you a visit? What now? you provide all those dates, but claim to be a Muslim? Does your left hand not know what your right is doing? Hear Ye, UMNO, strip Zuraina of her titles, and relinquish her job, and dissolve the Archaeology department, if you are a True Muslim. She is subserviently promoting Evolution !! Earth is NOT 13.5 billion years old. It is merely 6,000 years, as per what the Holy Books say it is ! Alright, “I believe, therefore it’s true”.

If you want to do an evolution display, then do it right. Not half baked, like the one which you have on display. What will you tell people next? That Adam and Eve are Malay? Or that Adam and Eve started UMNO? It gets worse… believe me.

The display of Painted-Cave at Niah suggests that Adam and Eve were also cavemen. They also fail to detail that the boats used to bury the dead are also found in Lao, Thailand, West Sumatera, as well as in Burma, thus, providing ample evidence of such migration, thus, completely diluting the “pendatang” name-tag. Oh, and by the way, the life-size model is so wrong, if compared to the actual painted cave behind The West Cave. Consult Tun Ipoi Datan at the Kuching Muzium if you need help with this. Also, where are the wooden boats for burial? They are completely missing from your depiction.

Adam and Eve were Cavemen. Therefore, God also looked like a caveman.

The rest of the spicy details, I will reserve for my book. And yes, I do have pictures. In fact, I have more than 40,000 pictures collected over the past 4 years. Alas, only 600 will make it for publication.

Another down-played display, is the Dongsong Drum, originating from North Vietnam. Malaysia found more than 200 of such drums, most of them complete, but on display is one pathetic cover. Where are the rest of the 199 Vietnamese Drums? Wanna look at Singapore’s HUGE drum collection from all over Southeast Asia? 

Where are the more than 200 Dong-Song Drums found in Malaysia?

Little is known, that the Dong-Song Drums are actually proof that the Vietnamese had arrived in Malaysia from over 3,000 years ago, and along with them, brought their craft. Speaking of the Vietnamese, the Stone-Slab Grave from Perak (replica, also in front of Taiping Muzium) is so strikingly similar to the Hmong graves found in abundance all over Indochina.

The “tripod bowl” found in Kodiang, Kedah is also typical, of the thousands found in Ban Kao, of western Thailand, in the Kanchanaburi Province. This again, clearly shows that the Thais were all over Malaya before UMNO was born. Wanna see maps which tag the Peninsular as “Tanah Siam”?

The transcript of the Lembah Bujang exhibit is also very interesting. It translates as 

“Early Malay Kingships”

Early Malay Kingships existed before the 14th Century. Amongst the well-known are the Langkasuka, and Kedah. Based on Chinese records, Langkasuka existed before the 2nd Century, based in Patanni…” and so on.

Here’s the bait and switch. They specifically mentioned “Chinese Records”. And this was from BEFORE the 2nd Century. How is this even possible if the Chinese were not here? Did the Chinese just read the Twitter or Facebook writings of the malays? For the Chinese to write about Lembah Bujang, they had to have been here since then. Plain and simple. Pendatang? Alright, now that 400,000 have left, UMNO is begging them to come back. What on earth for? To continue to burn their Churches, and mock that they worship King Kong?

Muzium Negara states that the Chinese were here since the 2nd Century?

The display on Malacca is another pathetic one. As I’ve mentioned before, and firmly maintain, that Malacca sorely lacks any credible empirical evidence. Some blogger had suggested that a Chinese Collar and and Indian knife in someone’s private collection is proof of Malacca. “I believe, therefore, its true”. Sure. Whatever… “I believe, and therefore, it’s true…”

Well, consider this. If alongside the above items, & 4 coins in moderate condition, provide the only evidence for an Empire, then, the evidence for this alleged “Great Empire” is pretty lame! Well, ok, you also have Tun Lanang’s writing, which is 200 years after-the-fact. However, if I wrote, and then buried the following sentence; “Najib is a Mongolian Murderer, and likes to screw her in the ass”, and someone dug it up 700 years later, does finding the document make it true? Alright, bad example…. pass.

In fact, since the last article, how many of you have visited Pulau Besar in the straits of Malacca?  There are over 1,000 Hindu graves there. Could not they be empirical evidence of Malacca? I see, you mean that it would severely distort the “History” (read as “blatant lies”) which UMNO wants you to study. What if those graves are reserved for Royalty? What if the original Sultans were in fact Raja’s, as in Maharaja’s, and remained Hindu throughout their lives. Poor people cannot afford lavish graves. These 1,000 graves are not of ordinary people. They are certainly of the rich. Go see it for yourself, and post pictures alongside your thoughts.

In fact, there are far more items in any single tiny site of little-known Beruas than the Great &  Magnificent Malacca. Look at them yourself in Muzium Negara, or at the Beruas Muzium, if you have the time. The Beruas Muzium is right across the street from the Beruas Police Station; nested on a small hillock. 

Still on Malacca, the “pseudo Hologram” map below attempts show that Malacca was the centre of Southeast Asia. I present to you, the famous Magellan map, which clearly shows how he completely skipped Malacca, as if it either never existed, nor had heard of. 

Magellan’s Map puts Malacca on the furthest possible corners, and summarily does NOT go there at all.

Muzium Negara launches scud missiles at Malacca with their very own map on display at Muzium Negara. It is absurd to note that Islam “originated” from Malacca !! Seeing this HUGE Map on display almost made me puke on the Dummies. 

This was the most absurd map in Muzium Negara.

Here’s the sequence of events, for the sadly uninitiated:

1) Islam was brought to this area by the Gujerati.

2) It landed in Pasai in the 9th Century

3) It was then brought to Champa in the 10th Century.

4) The Cham people brought Islam to Peninsular Malaysia in the 11th Century.

5) It was spread to Brunei by the 11th and 12th Century, and then, onward to the Philippines.

6) It was also spread from Aceh to Sumatera Barat in the 11th and 12th Century.

7) Later, it went southwards to Celebes Island. 

All this happened before Malacca was “born”. And if all these locations were already Muslim, what significance is Malacca’s spread? It’s like teaching fish to swim. What crap is this map showing? Jais Police who went to Dangdut in neighboring countries? Well, Muzium Negara did get one, and only one detail right. It was the spread of Islam from Malacca to the Semarang area. That was because Malacca partnered with Chek Kok Poh, the then Sultan of the “Chinese-Muslim Demak Empire” to attack and conquer north-central Jowo. The rest, pure unadulterated crap. It is shameful to see such blatant lies. What will they think of next? That the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was a Malay who went to Medina? Gosh !! This is as lame as TBH strangled himself, and then his dead body decided to  jump out of the 14th floor window. I quote Tun Dr Pornthip, “Are you a real Lawyer?”

I call your attention to this wall of maps. There are 7 on display here. If Muzium Negara had a Map pre-dating the British which labelled the Peninsular as “Tanah Melayu”, I’m damned sure that they would have put it on display already. Sadly, there is none.

Is there a single Map which pre-dates the British with “Tanah Melayu”?

Now another exhibit, titled “Figurehead of Royal Boat”. And that figurehead is a Chinese Dragon. This is impressive !! Are they trying to tell us that The Muslim Royalty has no qualms about putting the head of a Naga on their Royal Boat? Mind you, that this is merely “more than a century old”, as the inscription plainly states. What happened to “I will CHOP your f**king China-Kui Head off”?

Dragon Heads on Royal Boats?

On a more sinister note, I am openly questioning why the Muzium Negara decides to place Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor in the “Penjajah Section” ? Is this some unspoken subtlety here? Does he know something which we do not? After all, we all know that the Johore Royal Line is NOT of the Malaccan Line. They are Pendatangs from Sulawesi, called the Bugis. Is  En. Kamarul Baharin A. Kasim as secret Jewish conspirator then? or maybe a hired hand of Apco? Maybe he even has two MyKads, or three… who knows?

Wanna speak about blatant error? Go no further than the display on the Japanese attack on Malaysia during WWll. The picture show Aircraft Carriers, Zero-Sen planes bombing, just like a scene from Pearl Harbour. The truth of the matter was, they used bicycles, and invaded Malaysia in a mere 10 days. There were no aircraft carriers, no bombs, no air-raids. None! Just good “ole’ basikal”. Long Live “Ketuanan Jepang” !! 

Newspaper headlines “Japanese BMX Squad invades Malaysia like a hot knife to butter”. As a result, the 4 northern states became part of Thailand once again. Anyone from there can tell you that they had to raise both the Japanese and Thai Flag, and sing both national anthems, instead of Mamula Moon, err, I mean Terang Bulan, err, I mean Negaraku.

(all available on Youtube)

One more exhibit; the Duit Emas. I don’t know who you “malays” paid this Golden Tree to, but it was surely not to “the King of Siam in Bangkok since the 14th Century”. My “malay” friends, you have been completely suckered. You see, in the 14th Century, Bangkok was not even founded yet. In fact, it was not founded until the year 1768. Just then, like now, no one really knows where Malaysian Tax-Payers Money really goes. Lastly, it was definitely NOT symbol of friendship, but it was Tax money paid to the Thais. You see, Malaya belonged to Thailand. All of the Peninsular, including Singapore; then known as Temasik. And this was Tax Money paid to Ayodthaya. This Tax Money had to be paid, or else the Thais would come and kill the leaders. Think of it as “Protection Money”. Malaya, clearly belonged to the Thais. And so did Kota Gelanggi. Btw, anyone has an update of the 30ft Buddha statue they found there?

The next problem is this. If this began in the 14th Century, Malacca was not yet in existence yet either, then how come Malacca is always taught as the origins of Malaysia? Was Adam and Eve from Malacca? And further proof that there existed Kingdoms before Malacca is in the Batu Bersurat Terengganu, which is circa 300 years older than Malacca. And, similar stones comes from the Kingdom of Champa in Central Vietnam. This further reinforces the fact that Islam came from Champa to the Peninsular, and NOT Malacca, as per what local Pseudo-Historians claim it to be.

“Malaysian are really like Mushrooms. Always kept in the dark, and continuously fed shit.” 

(and you can quote me on that)

I’ll end this short piece with a picture, to illustrate how confused UMNO really is…

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. BTW, this is image is not ‘photoshopped’. Please pay 20 sen to see this yourself. It’s behind the fire engine, on the rear-side of Muzium Negara, up a short flight of stairs.