‘Umno must sack Razaleigh’

By Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz, FMT

The most practical thing Umno can do if it thinks Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is plotting some palace coup to overthrow the ‘emperor without clothes’, is to sack him from Umno. I repeat sack him.

Afterall Umno, the party which member of parliament Zahrain Hashim- who ‘received’ enlightenment and was delivered from the dark side into the loving embrace of Barisan Nasional- supports appears to have ignored the veteran and influential leader.

So if Razaleigh forms an organization of like-minded individuals to operate, why should Umno and Zahrain be unduly disturbed?

Is he just plain envious that the almost forgotten Umno veteran and the prime minister we never had is now enjoying filial respect and is held in reverence as he should be?

Tengku Razaleigh could in fact be the only person who can salvage Malaysia from rapacious business and the political oligarchs.

Or perhaps he is already sensing that the embrace of BN is actually the embrace of a female tarantula spider or the death ending embrace of female praying mantis?

While the Pakatan Rakyat would certainly welcome Tengku Razaleigh being with them, they are also aware of his fanatical devotion to Umno’s founding principles.

Razaleigh is unlikely to abandon Umno. So Umno must sack him.

Brownie points

As for Zahrain’s diatribes against Pakatan Rakyat, it should be dismissed.

He just wishes to score brownie points and endear himself to the supreme leader.

Judging from his (Zahrain’s) insecure position for the next general election, he had better worked out or worked up on some issues to gain prominence.

That is probably his only incentive behind his virulent attack on and allegations against Pakatan and Tengku Razaleigh.

In his latest diatribe he has challenged Nik Aziz to swear that he hasn’t met Tengku Razaleigh for the purpose of asking the latter to lead Pakatan.

To people like Zahrain, its useless to deny or insist that nothing of that sort took place.

The only way to argue with him is to actually say yes, such a meeting or indeed meetings took place.

If so then what?

Nik Aziz or whoever else is free to meet whomsoever they choose even the Pope himself.

Can we make the inference that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was seeking the Pope’s blessings when he met up with the head of the Catholic church?

Political opportunism

It’s a puzzle why Zahrain should begrudge the Pakatan even if they make overtures to the influential Razaleigh?

Isn’t it their aim to unseat the present ruling government and do it through democratic means?