A nation divided, a country devastated

By J. D. Lovrenciear

Times have changed and are fast changing even in ultra-traditional societies. The lessons we are drawing from even recent episodes as in the likes of Egypt Springs is most edifying for the selfless and wise.

The well worn cliché ‘a nation divided is a country devastated’ has sprung back with profound meaning in this century. It applies very aptly to Malaysia.
Today we are witnessing the nation heading down a slippery slope on all four frontiers of governance, namely the political, social, economic and environmental parameters. Political party survival has taken precedence over all else and it is clearly becoming an ‘at all cost, by any means’ war cry and battle strategy.

Religion is not spared. Race is not spared. Sex is not spared. Institutions are not spared. Ethics is prostituted. Justice is clouded. And how long can the main stream media continue to orchestrate to the whims and fancies of those embroiled in winning at all costs?

Meanwhile the world is being swept without warning by financial tides of devastation; weather havocs that predict imminent food crisis; and the rise of civil society to fight the 21st century’s worst enemy namely corruption and political tyranny. These, the governments around the world – including even our neighbors like Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia are better braced to combat as they have no political party survival wars to be preoccupied with. Neither do they subscribe to the stone-age ‘kill at all cost’ mantra.

But in our own yard here, just look at the volume of files mounting within the Palace of Justice as thousands of reports are lodged against corruption and misuse of power. Look at the breaking news every day. Listen to the talks at warongs. Scan the online forums.

Look at the way politicians from BN are spending money; or how about their families and spouses?

Look at the way the government denies brutality inflicted on its own citizens (Bersih 2.0), only to be exposed by the international media.

Look at the scandals that keep surfacing one after another – scandals that not only involve Malaysians within its borders but also those that have global implications involving international players. Do not forget the many episodes of custodial deaths and how the cases are being battled and dragged in court.

Look at our daily news rations. What do all these tell us?

Indeed this nation is being divided left, right and centre in the name and want for power and control. The victims are the knowing and unknowing rakyat of today those who are yet to be born.

The leaders are not interested in knowing that a nation divided is a country devastated. Who cares anyway? “If this country crumbles, I have my safe haven on the Gold Coast” seems to be the hidden assurance amongst the powers that be.

Take a look at all the social pages of glossy magazines that are spilling over in Malaysia. What do you see?

No different. One set of laws for the knowing and unknowing rakyat and another set of freedom for the rich, famous, well heeled and power brokers.

Yes, the fact that some lone and brave voices with still some conscience and integrity left behind are stepping forward from behind the curtains of the ruling BN to state the truth about this nation’s governance, is a crystal clear indication that this country is in a perilous state of affairs.

While the world is collaborating and partnering with all of its political parties within each nation, ours is one that is going after the opposition’s throat. While others around the globe are re-focusing on the four crucial parameters of politics, social, economic and environment to be better prepared in protecting its citizens against the ravages of weather, corruption, abuse, power and control, and financial uncertainty, we are saying “everything is okay” while we are dead bent on dividing the nation along race, religion, politics, social, economy.

Therein remains the assessment that Malaysia is on the highway of being a devastated country.