UMNO, Najib and the 24 million ring

Rosmah and her USD120,000 Birkin handbag, one of the many she has in different colours

By ViewAct

Has it ever crossed your mind how and why dirt keeps being kicked up against PM Najib and his wife recently? Yet there doesn’t seem to be much activity from his deputy. Have you also noticed that not many came to Najib’s rescue when he screwed up big time against Bersih 2.0? Instead of his “Championed” Malay brothers, we saw MCA sending two representatives trying to shine his dirty shoe but to no avail.

We also have a 24 million ring, and a “worth-a-fortune” bracelet allegedly belonging to the wife of the PM, and its photo and custom screenshot of the alleged purchase surfacing all over the internet. Well, this too receives much lesser “backing up” from all PM Najib’s assistants.

What is wrong with them now? Aren’t they very good at jumping at trivial issues to “show” that they are loyal to the President, and display the “Please do notice me and pull me up and give me a ministerial post or something like that” attitude?

Well, maybe they have smartened up and are now saving their breaths against making more mindless statements which will not only smear the issue further but make them look stupid. Just like what happened to the two MCA “tukang gosok” mentioned earlier. However, I think this is very unlikely as they wouldn’t possibly be that “smart”.

The other possible explanation would be that, PM Najib has lost the support of his “backupers”; and they have decided to leave him to rot whilst asking around to “guess” who’ll be put up next so that they can start “bodeking” him now. I think, very soon we’ll see someone coming out to say something “important” and tons of others will start making opened/press statements supporting him. This man would then be the likeliest person to be fielded as the next “PM” candidate.

Do observe their attitude and responses to statements made by any of their “high ranked” members and you may soon be able to guess who the man is. One character to look for is the one man who has hoped to get some high post by marrying a PM’s daughter, only to find that PM being replaced before he could reach safe grounds. His desperation will have him trying to impress the next potential premier-in-line, to regain what he lost in 2008. It wouldn’t be too hard to sniff this out as his “pheromone” level would surely be high then.

I sometimes feel pity towards our PM as he is facing threats and challenges everywhere. His rivals, his subordinates, and now EVEN HIS WIFE is threatening his position as a PM. I am amazed at how he managed to hang on amidst all these “stresses”. Maybe money’s the motivation. But now, his challenge isn’t only on threats to his POSITION. The threat is now on his character. He will either be seen as a man with no guts, or a man that would attract curses and spit when his name is mentioned. Why so?

GE 13 is just around the corner, and his reputation is already in the gallows. His “gang” is abandoning him as there is no where he can take them to anymore. They need a better “ship” to sail on. While his successor can still win the GE with a simple majority and retain his presidency during UMNO’s general assembly, Najib may not be so lucky as to go through all that now. His words are of very much lesser weight now and thus, UMNO is finding someone better to replace him before GE 13, or else, the majority (if there is any) would be even smaller. He cannot command the required support to sail through the election anymore.

For that same reason, he wouldn’t be able to stage an exit like Pak Lah did, for the pressure from the rakyat as well as the opposition back then wasn’t as strong as it is now. Pak Lah was merely “inactive”; this one has too much “shit”. However, if he quits now, he would be seen as a coward, who fails in times of turmoil. And if he hangs on, he’s going to be ousted in a terrible manner too, and this would be a great shame to his family, especially to his late father. Besides that, his wife would surely get upset too as the jewelry and bags would stop.

He is thus stuck, cornered everywhere. Story after story of the wrongs he has done keep surfacing, and I have a feeling they come from within the party itself. Just like how the Altantuya murder case got linked to him, I think many more shall surface, and it is all controlled by someone sitting in a high chair behind them all, the one man who wished to literally OWN Malaysia indefinitely.

To me, the possession of the 24 million ring and the bracelet was a very stupid move by Najib and his wife. Someone might have seen her interest in jewelries and bags and cast the bait for her to fall for, and she did. Next time, if you want to assassinate a politician, GET THEM INTERESTED IN THOSE FANCY STUFF and gather evidence when they make purchases. Easier still, give it to them as gifts, and provide evidence of the transaction.

Correct me if I am wrong. Gifts given by a corporation or any leaders of any country to a minister and his wife officially are PROPERTY OF THE GOVERNMENT and not for individual possession. They cannot sell or transfer the possession of these items to any individual. Due to the nature of their position they should also not accept expensive gifts personally, especially when it is unofficial and done secretly. Such an act can be classified as a bribe.

So whether Rosmah bought the ring and the bracelet or not, they are doomed. If she claims that it is a gift, it would either be a case of bribery, or it would belong to the government and she would need to surrender it one day. On the other hand, if she claims that it was bought by herself, or by her husband, they would need to justify how they got the 24 million to buy that ring. And saying that they won Toto, Magnum or Damacai is totally unacceptable.

The next question would be, was she really wearing them, or was the photo doctored? This, I shall leave to the experts and witnesses who have or have not seen her wearing it. Hmmm, by the way, for someone to notice the ring in the first place, that someone must either be really “expert” in high classed jewelry or he/she was leaked the news by some hidden hands.

All in all, I have a feeling that UMNO is all out to kick Najib out. And they are not going to let him know until the very last minute. And by then, some devastating news would probably be deliberately leaked to get the public to force him down. At these crucial moments, a wrong move by PR’s leader would also land them in Kamunting; and GE 13 would be one shocking General Election in the history of Malaysia. However, I do hope I am wrong on this.