Reform Now!


By A Bittersweet Student

Frustration reigns in the hearts of many when the topic about our education is brought forth. Anger rises within the neglected races as their say in it does not count. The hard headed minister sits proudly in front of the press as he announces the new proposals that he has in his mind for our education system. Many watching his press conference, smack their foreheads and begin praying for an educational reform in the country, Malaysia.

After much conflict due to the surprising selection of students for the JPA scholarship, it is time for meritocracy to take centre stage. Students should be awarded based on their merits and not their skin colour. What’s the point of protecting your own kind when they are unable to perform and bring major achievements to the country? What is the government trying to prove? The government should be trying to avoid the ‘brain drain’ in our country not give potential leaders an excuse to invest their intelligence elsewhere.

In order to bring a ‘balance’ in the education system, the ‘geniuses’ of the Education Ministry have implemented that curriculum is a must among students when it comes to the provision of scholarships. However, it is all a lie as not one of them spoke on curriculum achievements when explaining the qualification of being a recipient of the scholarship. The hard effort put in by students due to their never-ending competition involvement are wasted away as it is meaningless. Besides, if the government would match up the curriculum activities to the interests of teenagers along with their latest implementation “One student, One Sport” efficiently, the attendance of students would increase. But why? Is it true they intend to produce ‘all rounder’ students or is it just a political gimmick?

The young generation of today are slowly slacking in their academics due to their teacher’s extravagant teaching methods. The lack of know-how in their own subjects complicates and confuses students further. Teachers at this day and age have lost sight of the importance of teaching thus conducting their lessons with lack of enthusiasm and passion, boring their students to death. Most teachers in school’s nowadays are those that are either drop outs or low achievers in their previous schooling years. Therefore, it is imperative for them to be retrained – the proper way.

The medium of instruction plays an important role in the education system. “Bring back English in the Science and Mathematics subjects!” English is the international language, making students capable in communicating fluently once they have furthered their studies overseas. Students studying overseas are no doubt representatives of the country. Imagine the humiliation this country would face if a student on scholarship was offered to study overseas yet could not communicate properly. How could we expect the sophisticated side of this world to regard us as one of them when we do not have a good command of the English Language?
A student is only properly motivated when placed in a conducive environment with proper and usable facilities. Mission schools nationwide are not provided with new facilities. Books in libraries, musical instruments and sports equipments should be updated from time to time. But this hardly happens to mission schools and they are forced to raise funds on their own. Sports and music facilities should be provided and constantly maintained in schools throughout the country as well.

Above all, the education system now is very much one sided and will slowly lead to the country’s doomsday as they are unable to provide qualified leaders of this nation. Something needs to be done immediately! Someone must have the courage to step up and say something. It is bad enough that everything they do is for their own political benefit now they are using education as well? Enough is enough!

Politics here can be described to be a circus where all eyes are on the ringleader and what ever he does is being watched, talked and joked about by the other countries. Why deny the mistakes one has done? A wise man does not lie about his mistakes or try sweeping it under the carpet hoping it goes unnoticed but boldly he will go forth and apologize in front of the press on the mistakes that has been made and evidently show initiative to get to the bottom of things. Needless to say, educational reform is evidently needed in this country so there is no point trying to deny it.