Mohd. Najib’s time is running out.


By Toffee

He’ll sure remember this song, it was from his time and it was an Elvis Number, “It’s now or never” and those 4 words hold a lot of meaning to Mohd. Najib now more then it ever did.

Najib Tun Abdul Razak is going in for a big shock, it may even be the cause of Mahathir Mohammed suffering a severe  heart attack, I would not want to speculate more on that score,  and to avoid that he -Najib, has to be extra careful in the selection of who stands where, in the next General Elections, not in the component parties but particularly in UMNO as deals have been struck to dump him come the next elections.

This should not come as a shock to many  Malaysians, as he was not really the rightful heir to the position of Prime Minister, when Badawi was moved aside. For the “RAHMAN” equation to have been settled it had to be someone whose name began with the alphabet “N” but what the entire country forgot is that his name began with a “M” his name is Mohd. Najib.

UMNO insiders close to Najib  say Mahahtir  was aware of this and as such worried that Badawi who had removed Rafidah Aziz woudl do the same to Najib and Muhyuddin and replace them with Nazri to remain Prime Minsiter for the long term.

Now as some superstitious UMNO people are talking because of what has happened the next cycle has begun prematurely, and the next equation is “MAHATHIR”  he has occupied the M prematurely and as such the next PM’s name will begin with an “A” and that should mean Anwar Ibrahim they believe..

Some UMNO circles believe that Anwar is the ordained one to become Prime Minister, they say if he does not this nation is doomed, this belief is not only with those who have left UMNO but many who remain there, and they hold firm to the fact that Anwar will be back because that is his destiny, they even go as far as saying that is why the entire “RAHMAN” equation fell apart, it is a curse they say and that is a sign to the Malays.

So will Anwar become our next Prime Minister?

Within UMNO there is talk about who should be dumped come the next elections, and overtures have been made by existing members from UMNO to cross over. Najib has actually got a Hobson’s choice to deal with, he may have to  take all the people aligned with Muhyuddin or face the wrath of Muhyuddin’s supporters, if he does that then he has to reckon with his own supporters who do not support Muhyuddin and of course he has the Kuli factor to deal with, poor Najib.

Going it alone he does not have too much choice, he lacks the ground support Muhyuddin has raked in during Najib’s tenure as PM.