The last resort

By ViewAct

I will have to make this very short. As I don’t think I have much time left. Err … I mean, we don’t have much time left. The ruling party is in desperation now, as time is cut short for them before the coming GE.

Our DPM has, in many a time, hinted at snap polls; and our PM has recently cut short his overseas trip to make way for damage control after Bersih 2.0. But a G.E is still not due for at least a year! So why the rush?

I believe many of us have read the economist’s prediction that there will be another recession. With the uprising social movements worldwide, where people began to feel the impact of corrupted governments and decided to change for good, it wouldn’t be hard to see how things would be ahead of us.

Adding salt to injury, we have individual(s) within the ruling elite, or relative(s) of which, who spend public funds lavishly, causing greater impact to the already declining economic status.

Money level is running low now. One minister even said that we could go bankrupt by 2019 if we continue to accumulate debt. Worse still, a few “rich states” were under PR’s rule after 2008 upon which they need to dig deeper into Sabah and Sarawak’s pockets to finance the spendthrift habits of those who walks in the corridors of power.

The state election results there have lit the yellow warning light. And they realise that money cannot always buy them all that they desire. Bersih 2.0 confirmed their fear, when people braved the streets, despite threats of arrests, and actual acts of brutality by the very institution supposed to ensure their safety.

Our PM has been bumping into hard walls lately, with even the Queen of England wearing yellow during his visit there. All his, and anyone’s explanation to justify the brutal treatment during the Bersih event is seen by the whole world to be wide-eyed-lies, trying to wriggle their way out of the dirt. But the more they wriggle, the more dirt is kicked up, and the dirtier they look.

The last budget announcement was in October. So was the one before it. So I don’t think there would be any change this year. We are now about to end July, leaving merely 2 months for Mr. PM’s preparation for the next budget. Now he cannot simply make figures, as it would look really fictional, and PR will surely bring it up in the parliament. But if he spills it out honestly, he’ll be in deeper trouble as there will be more questions from everywhere, even the rakyat, as to where all the money has gone to. Heads you win, tail I lose. It’s a dead end.

They cannot afford another negative image on their already “bottom-of-the-gutter” look they put themselves into. They really would have to come up with something now. While at the same time, trying to cover the truth of Bersih 2.0 from those living in rural areas by making quick tours and handing out “goodies” to them. The media will be “commanded” to focus on these instead, and I believe that will be carried out obediently.

Not forgetting that bulan Ramadhan is just around the corner. They are to cease all “unwholesome” activities and be as “suci” as possible, cleansing their body as well as their soul for the month (well, at least on the outside, they have to seem like they are doing so). This leaves them with only 1 month left for all the preparation before budget time, and all the politicking they need.

Ok. Let’s not forget the snap polls that our DPM “promised”, which might fall anywhere between November 2011 to April 2012. There is just too little time left. And with Bersih’s impact, they are left with very little choices to choose from.

I’ve recently watched how our mainstream media focuses on one of our PM’s trips, where he addressed the residents there on election promises. I watched how he demonized PR and claims that only BN can provide good financial support to them.

Not forgetting a report that someone took the “sex tape” to Indonesia, trying to convince the people there that the “actor” is in fact DSAI (I wonder why he wouldn’t also show the tape of CSL at the same time then?).

With the Socialists from Bersih 2.0 still detained, and the continuous linking of Bersih to the opposition, I am in fact fearing the worst to come.

Something tells me that something’s cooking. And looking at the trend, it’s not likely they will make it through safely in G.E 13. So to ensure they won’t lose, they have to deploy a similar plot they once did – make up some issue and when PR’s leaders take action, they will start arresting people, claiming them threats to national security.

I can’t explain it. But it’s a strange uneasiness in the air that hints something’s boiling. It could be something relating either to some actions of the royals, or a governmental “secret” that is deliberately “leaked” as bait to trap PR’s leaders. Once they can heat up enough retaliation among the people, Malays especially, they will spring into action. And I am sure Perkasa, Utusan, and the youth section would be eager to play a part.

In my opinion, the TBH RCI could be a test “program”. Something to “Pull” the hand of the “Royals” into issues they cannot resolve, and if the opposition makes a remark that they can spin, it will be turned into a tornado to swallow prominent leaders who could threaten their positions. They are already making remarks sounding like “Members in the RCI are chosen by the King and rejecting its result is showing disrespect to the King”.

I believe it is a crucial time, from now to the coming G.E. While PR needs to continue serving the rakyat better, they have to be careful of their choice of words as well as the actions that they decide to take against issues caused by the ruling party. A wrong step may see them being reduced to what they once became years ago where many of them were sent into “custody” behind the “bars” of injustice.