DSAI and Sodomy Three

I support Pakatan Rakyat. I think this is simple enough to understand ……I repeat “I support Pakatan Rakyat”. Now again if anyone is going to interpret this as me covertly supporting UMNO/BN because I am silent on this matter – then do so.   

By steadyaku47

Most times I shake my head in wonderment at the gullibility of men…and women. I am an equal opportunity kind of guy – men and women have equal rights to being gullible. No gender bias here! The defining criteria that elevates you from being a moron to being a “thinking” being is the ability to comprehend what is being said to you. Most dogs understand “SIT”, “STAY” and even, though albeit reluctantly “NO”. Now there are people out there who has taken the trouble to visit my blog (for that I am grateful!) in order to agree to disagree with what I put in the public domain. What I disagree is the disagreeable way they choose to disagree with me. I tend to measure others by the manner I measure myself. Let me explain.

When I am surfing the net I will only linger to read anything if the first few lines agree with me. If I continue to read something that disagree with me I do so because I want to see whether what is being said will move me to have a different perspective of the issue at hand. Sometimes it does and if it moves me I will write to say so. If it does not then I take it as “lesson learnt.” The feed back I get these last few weeks from my writings on DSAI has some defining characteristics. In the main they are abusive, eloquent in their description of my private and public persona and firm in their desire to die not for country, bangsa and religion…but for DSAI! Good for DSAI bad for me!
Let us not dwell to much on me…I am the messenger not the story. And the story that needs to be told is one that most of us already know. We know and yet we are hoping against hope that DSAI is not the person most of us already know he is!
But a few truths about me and I will try to say this in plain language so that what I said will not be construed (opps I better use a simpler word here)…so that what I said will not be misinterpreted as being something else.
First: I have never ever received a single ringgit from UMNO/BN to write what I write. Now some of you will interpret that as me confessing that I did received a few cents NOT exceeding one ringgit from UMNO/BN – I will leave that to the imagination of others to interpret if that is what I intended to convey!