Apocalypse begins


By Soothsayer, Aliran

Good is bad and bad is good. Those in power attempt to justify their acts of deceit, cruelty and oppression by hard-sell tactics using all the media tools at their disposal.

On Sunday, the news broadcast was filled with falsity and half-truths – one of which is that this country is rated one of the safest and most peaceful in the world. By whose measure, I wonder, in the face of so much murder, death, robbery and violence?
The credit for maintaining the peace should go to the brave ‘rakyat’ who, unarmed, faced water cannon and tear gas on their peaceful march. The government of the day deserves nothing for sending its minions to taunt, provoke and injure the populace. Instead, it deserves condemnation for oppressing the marginalised and those who defend them, imprisoning the innocent on questionable pretexts – and resurrecting bogeys and zombies, the undead that haunt those currently in power. Little do they realise that their monsters may turn on them.
Who would think that our country would descend to this? The rot has been secretly spreading all these 50-plus years of our apparent independence. Covert repression is taking place with each wave of threatened political instability over the years. Now, bursts its skin like an over-ripe fruit in the process of decay. The rotten, stinking, putrefying, maggot-infested sludge seeps out of pores and cracks in sticky black streamlets to pollute every corner of the country.

In this tragic-comedy, who will have the last laugh? This is the most unnatural country where innocuous actions are seen as crimes – the wearing of clean yellow T-shirts with the word “Bersih” on them and the possession of banners, pamphlets and flags, and images of long dead communist leaders. Where, indeed, are we heading?

Some are still afraid of shadows; how much longer can they use that as an excuse to do nothing? They, whose main concern is only for their own well-being, exist only for the present, not for the future. When they die, their fears will die with them and their existence will stop there. No achievements to speak of, no contribution to peace made, just the end of a mediocre life.
The winds of change are swiftly gathering gale force, but where will this twisting cloud in all its terrible power take us?