Beng Hock travesty – “time” to act

Why would a brave father kill himself over a charge proven to be of no substance and no basis  

By Lee Wee Tak

In property investment, they say location is everything. In share trading, they say timing is everything.

So is politics.

After 2 years of stumbling around, finally it appears that a political compromise have been developed – admit the weaknesses or plain abuse of power by a statutory body while at the same time, careful not to antagonize a perceived segment carved out by perceived racial orientation of interpretation.

If actual reforms and accountability is the order of the day, this matter would have been seriously, professionally and impartially dealt with from day 1 and not after some embarrassingly poor attempt to avoid accountability such as that lame excuse and even more pathetic demonstration of self-strangulation.

The RIC developed its fancy theory about a weak Teoh Beng Hock succumbing to pressure and guilt. They failed to explain why a man would want to kill himself over an alleged crime which until today MACC has not uncover a single compelling evidence and who was getting married the next day with his first child due to be born soon.

Calling him weak minded, as Nazri subsequently fumbled again, is an insult to Beng Hock. A young man giving up a better paid and more comfortable job, assuming a stressful, risky and at times unappreciated occupation while his peers are busy building up careers, network and having a good time, is hardly a weak character but a paragon of virtue, courage and self-sacrifice.

For the past few days, the headlines suggest a serious intention for MACC to reform and the relevant officers to be charged.


Putrajaya tells MACC to buck up, agrees Teoh’s death avoidable

MACC promises reforms suggested by Teoh RCI

I question, as a tax payer, how on earth our money been wasted setting up the MACC (a rushed job in Badawi’s final day as the prime minister, if you could recall) which needs serious reform after barely 3 years coming into being? What quality level of legislation, execution and civil servants we are paying for via decades of deficit budgets?

Are we going to see serious reform in MACC ? Isn’t it a déjà vu of Badawi’s proposed IPCMC reforms which was subsequently torpedoed? Now Utusan Malaysia is defending MACC despite UMNO’s led BN administration is painting yet another picture of promises.


Utusan defends MACC, holds DAP responsible for Teoh’s death

Nazri called for the labeled trio (Abuser, Bully and Arrogant) to be charged in court if found guilty of penal code. Yet again there are internal dissenting voices.


Ex-ACA chief: No reason for Nazri’s ‘charge’ comment


PETALING JAYA: A former director of investigations of the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) disagrees with Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz that the three Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officers be taken to court for their role over Teoh Beng Hock’s death.

Abdul Razak Idris said it was not right for the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to make statements which were demoralising to the MACC in its efforts to fight corruption.


What about Malaysians’ moral and confidence about these MACC crackers still at large, Encik Abdul Razak?

Are we going to see more suspects with T shirts as faces been dragged in and out of court? Remember Kasitah? Indicted before the 2004 GE for corruption and released post GE?

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