The unseen, unknown enemy of Malaysia

By J. D. Lovrenciear

Malaysians are at war. No doubt about that. They are battling an unseen and unknown enemy. Until today we are unable to establish this Enemy Number One. And in the meantime the citizens’ only staple information diet is more screw ups and more mysterious, knee jerk threats and finger wagging from the government.


Let us take a quick inventory of the issues that are rocking the very democratic foundations of this half-a-century nation:

Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani died. Kugan died. Altantuya died. Baharuddin died. But we do not know who is / are the masterminds behind all these unaccounted and mysterious deaths. Yes, after long battles with the authorities, we are lucky to get some warped insight. And subsequently are told that the the salaried employee will get the hook or the noose.

Till today, for example, no one knows who gave the orders to release the controlled explosives called C4. Till today no one knows who gave the marching orders to erase all ingress and egress immigration records of the late Altantuya.

The elections are desperately in need of fair, free and clean principles. But the EC seems only adamant in not wanting to heed the Bersih 2.0 rally’s call for best practice standards that can ensure the vibrancy of a democracy. Who is the mastermind not making the EC relent and respond positively?

We almost lost two leaders, namely Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu. But no one is telling who gave the orders to target the opposition leaders with deadly tear gas canisters in a death-trapped subway.

It is reported that RM 888 billion left the country but no one knows who the culprits are behind the scene. Do not forget the saga of the fighter jets that got away. Or the kickbacks that Razak swiped clean. In all of these deals, who was orchestrating every move?

But we create make believe enemies like the Opposition camp leaders; the Jewish community; communists; socialists; Christian leaders and what have you.

Who is behind all that police brutality and all those denials in the face of the recent Bersih 2.0? Really nobody knows or may even be too dead scared to point a finger.

Without knowing the real culprit behind the scenes we whip mere employees while the heads get away anew to operate from more arrogant platforms.

At some point then, somebody has to step in and stop the serious rot. Otherwise, we better be prepared for a parachute-evacuation someday, somehow.