The UMNO – Anders Breivik Link

By batsman 

To expose the UMNO- Anders Breivik link, one has to investigate the Norway massacre in relation to the complicity of western governments.

In the 30’s Germany, Hitler’s Nazi Party went after communists and Jews in a big way. Everything was blamed on them including the burning of the Reichstag. The whole focus was placed on communists and Jews, but eventually the whole world paid a price too including the western liberals and moderates. 

Today, the western governments are going after Muslims in a big way. The whole focus is on Muslim terrorists. This covers up the activities of the far-right. The Anders Breivik phenomenon is just the tip of the iceberg. With recession raging in Europe and the US, it is almost guaranteed that the far right will gain a big influence together with the far left. So when the western governments go after communists and Jews, it will be the far right that gains. 

So far, extreme right wing madmen have killed more people in Europe and the US than terrorists linked to radicalized Muslims. This may be true for 911 as well. Judge for yourself… 

Immediately after the Oslo bombings, several terrorist organizations linked to radicalized Muslims claimed responsibility for it (see link). All these claims have since been downplayed. 

Could the same have happened after the 911 attack? Michael Moore seems to think that the 911 attack was a conspiracy and even made a documentary on this – the stupid radicalized Muslims, eager to claim credit, were just conveniently dragged into it. 

If we discount the deaths in the 911 attack as being uncertain whether they can be attributed to terrorists linked to radicalized Muslims or to conspirators, the Oklahoma bombings of home grown US far-right madmen would have killed a lot more people. 

With the US in danger of default, such obsessive focus on Muslims is really dangerous. Right wing madmen are capable of inflicting a lot more damage, especially if they get into power in the US. One lone mad gunman in Oslo was systematic and ruthlessly well organized enough to kill over 90 people compared to the hysterical and loud incompetent screaming and self-inflicted deaths in the Middle East. For one thing, the Zionists with their disciplined war machine kill a lot more Arabs than the hysterical Arabs are able to kill Israelis. 

To me the right-wing madmen are far more dangerous than fanatical incompetent terrorists linked to radicalized Muslims, but one covers up for the other. 

So how is UMNO linked to Anders Breivik? Judge for yourself – the UMNO controlled press is blaming Christians, communists, Jews and even Indonesians for all the trouble in Malaysia. In the meantime, they are courting 3 million silat exponents with inflammatory speeches.