Is the MACC Exempt From KPI?

By batsman 

After all the praise heaped on NTR for being Bapa Transformasi, one wonders what transformations he has achieved to deserve such a great title?

After all the GTPs, ETPs, NKRAs, KPIs, etc, Malaysia is still the same old “sameold”. Even after an expensive time consuming RCI (called by NTR, no less) looking into the death of an innocent witness under the care of MACC (apparently invited to tea with MACC officers), nothing seems to have been changed. So what transformation has NTR achieved? 

It is as if the MACC has been exempted from having a KPI. It would actually be good if the MACC’s KPI is made public, but the RCI never bothered to look into it. Does this mean then that the MACC does not have a KPI or is the MACC free to design its own KPI? If the MACC does not have a KPI, shouldn’t the head honcho of MACC be sacked by NTR if NTR were serious about his transformation exercise? 

I am actually curious to know how the MACC interrogators’ behaviours were influenced by the need to meet MACC KPI standards. Very obviously the watching of internet pornography using government equipment inside government premises should not be part of the MACC KPI…. But is it? So also is the act of  interrogating witnesses to their deaths part of MACC KPI? It would seem that they have succeeded in an excellent manner with 2 known deaths so far to their credit. 

Who were the people responsible for reporting MACC’s KPI results to higher authorities? Who are these authorities responsible to monitor MACC’s KPI results? All these are not made known to the public, so it would seem that the public is justified in assuming that there is no KPI for the MACC. 

So should the great title of Bapa Transformasi be given to NTR for transforming so little. It would seem that the whole KPI exercise is just part of an advertising campaign, no more.  Perhaps all this can be changed by the new determination of MACC announced recently that it wants to transform itself. If this is so, what is the role of Bapa Transformasi in affecting such a great motivational need in the MACC to transform itself or is it just an initiative by the MACC for the MACC alone? 

Will the MACC’s great transformation be in time to produce a just outcome for Ahmad Sarbani? Is this a reasonable standard and performance figure to be including in the great transformation effort by the MACC? 

For now, all I can see is that there is so much talk, so many TV advertisements and so many promises, but so little integrity and so little honesty. Hopefully Bapa Transformasi will be able to do some real transformations for a change and live up to his name.