M’sian said to be owner of world’s most expensive luxury vessel – at RM14.5bil

Seafaring bling-bling: History Supreme making history as the world’s most expensive luxury yacht.

(The Star) – While newspapers in Britain were abuzz with reports that the owner of the world’s most expensive luxury yacht is a Malaysian, no one can confirm it.

British daily The Sun reported that the 31m History Supreme is owned by a Malaysian businessman who paid 3bil (RM14.5bil) for it.

To put things in perspective, this figure is close to the estimated cost of the country’s first mass rapid transit (MRT) system, which has a price tag of RM20bil.

Comparatively, the world’s biggest private yacht, the 164m Eclipse owned by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich costs only RM3.65bil.

The Sun also reported that the History Supreme is made out of 100 tonnes of gold and platinum, which cover more than half its surface, and the base of the vessel is wrapped in gold.

The daily said the yacht’s features, including the deck, dining area, rails and anchor, are all made from precious metals.

Below deck, things become even more exotic, featuring meteoric stone and a T-Rex dinosaur bone in the sleeping quarters.

The boat was built in Italy but was completed in Malaysia two weeks ago.

According to the newspaper, the businessman had approached Liverpool jeweller Stuart Hughes for this unique project.

The businessman had even asked Hughes if he could customise an aeroplane.

Hughes, who is famous for creating exclusive, gold-plated and jewel-encrusted luxury items ranging from mobile phones to aquariums, took three years to build the yacht.

“It was pretty much a case of can you make this gold, can you make that gold? We just did what we were told and are delighted with the results,” Hughes was quoted as saying.

The yacht is believed to be based on Italian yacht-maker Baia’s latest One Hundred model, which costs at least RM30mil.