No kidding, it is actually called the ‘Ibrahim Ali Award’!

Five thousand ringgit: That is the amount Ibrahim Ali is offering. Any takers?

(Harakah Daily) –  Heaven and earth may be closer than Ibrahim Ali and ivory tower, but that did not stop UiTM to name one of its awards after the Perkasa leader.

While Ibrahim Ali’s antics may evoke anger among a section of people, most Malaysians have come to terms with the staunchly pro-UMNO independent member of parliament’s rhetoric, welcoming him as comic relief in a political environment that has been otherwise littered with vile and personal allegations.

And his most recent antic notwithstanding – his weeks-long threat to hold a counter gathering to stop Bersih’s rally on July 9, only to disappear during the peak of Bersih’s massive rally which saw more than 1,600 arrests.

For Pahang PAS commissioner who is also the Islamic party’s information chief, the announcement of the award came as embarrasing though retaining all the humour that accompanies any news about the Pasir Mas MP.
Understandably so, since Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man (left) was once attached to the same university as a lecturer.

“Those leaders who strove hard to make UiTM well-known and respected would have been more deserving of awards being named after them. Tan Sri Arsyad Ayub, Tan Sri Ani Arope, Dato Ishak Mohamad, Dr Awang Had Salleh, and Tan Sri Ibrahim Abu Shah (former UiTM vice chancelor) will also be smiling to find out that there is an award named after Ibrahim Ali!” said Tuan Ibrahim in response to a report today.

Earlier today, online news site Malaysiakini reported that UiTM’s Institut Pemikiran dan Kepimpinan Melayu was offering the ‘Ibrahim Ali Award’ in the form of a cash prize sponsored by the Perkasa chief.

Among the criteria sought by the award is that students must have “clear and consistent” principles in upholding their race. In addition, they must also help UiTM encourage students to join activities related to “upgrading the honour and reputation of the race”.

Tuan Ibrahim however predicted that the award would die a natural death.

“It is unfortunate when an institute of higher learning does something without any background check on someone. Ibrahim Ali is not a person who is held in esteem by the people.

“An award recipient should feel proud of the award. If an award only invites scorn that will later become a stigma on the recipient, I am sure such an award will fail,” he added.