Shameless Bapa Transformasi

By batsman 

With only about 2 years in power, Najib is now called Bapa Transformasi on UMNO controlled TV. I see it as shameless self-aggrandizement using public funds to pay for TV advertisements. I also wonder what he thinks he has transformed in this short time? The TV ads are not very clear on this.

What I can see for myself is that his wife is the most spectacular PM’s wife ever. No other PM’s wife has been so much in the limelight. Perhaps it is this aspect of Malaysia that Najib has transformed. Perhaps he thinks that he can transform Malaysia just by using advertising campaigns and TV ads? 

What is really in bad taste is that we are bombarded everyday with tasteless TV ads of self-aggrandizement – most likely paid with public money or paid by cronies out to flatter him and his wife. It is as if a cult of the personality is being attempted. 

But what are Najib’s achievements that may lend support for such an attempt to build a personality cult? Frankly they elude me. 

With such TV ads trying to bludgeon the minds and sensitivities of Malaysians, it is no wonder that the stress builds up into rallies such as the one held by Bersih 2.0 recently. Will someone in his inner circle please tell him to stop?