PAS lawyers ready to defend rally participants

(Harakah Daily) – 46 lawyers from PAS will commence their duty tonight in ensuring those who participate in the Bersih rally tomorrow were legally represented in the event they face police arrest.

Earlier, the laywers, dressed in special uniformed suits complete with yellow caps bearing party logo and the word “peguam”, arrived at the PAS headquarters at Jalan Raja Laut to be briefed on their duties.

The group is headed by head of the Islamic party’s legal unit Asmuni Awi  and its members will be scattered across gathering spots around the city. They complement some 120 voluntary lawyers prepared by the Bar Council’s Legal Aid Centre to oversee the rally and provide legal aid.

The 46 PAS lawyers will also be stationed at temporary detention centres set up by the police in anticipation of any arrests.

Hotline numbers

Meanwhile, PAS Youth’s legal unit has prepared several telephone numbers for rally participants:
1. 016-3126463
2. 016-3126473
3. 014-6451753
4. 012-3928379

While the Bar Council’s Legal Aid Centre representatives can be contacted at these numbers:
1. Ravin 0193255825
2. Leena 0122841895
3. Stephanie 0163435202
4. Jeeva 0196353151