‘The army is ready to preserve peace’

However Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid urges Bersih, Perkasa and Umno Youth to heed the King’s advice calling upon all to preserve the peace in the country.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today said the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) is prepared for any eventualities and will act if the King decrees an emergency.

“The army is always ready,” said Zahid at an event at the Defence Ministry here.

Commenting on the upcoming rallies by Bersih, Perkasa and Umno Youth this Saturday, Zahid however called upon the participants to heed the King’s statement yesterday calling upon all to preserve the peace in the country.

Yesterday, the head of state, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin issued a rare statement, amidst escalating tension among the state apparatus and the rally organisers, calling upon all parties to resolve any issues through consultation and not to succumb to emotions.

“The fact is, street demonstrations bring more harm than good although the original intention is good. Instead we should focus on our main objective to develop this country, not to create problems that will cause the country to lag behind,” said the King.

Zahid, who is also Umno vice president, said everyone concernced should heed the King’s advice and abandon their plans to demonstrate on July 9.

He also expressed confidence in the police’s capability to handle the situation.

“Be it yellow shirt or red shirt, please heed to the police instruction,”said Zahid.