Sabah singer Atama to lead rally (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

An outspoken singer has come forward to organise the Bersih 2.0 rally in Kota Kinabalu.

(Free Malaysia Today) – An outspoken local singer, Atama, is leading the Bersih campaign in Kota Kinabalu, come July 9.



Atama or Andrew Ambrose Mudi, who had earned the wrath of Barisan Nasional leaders before for his outspokenness, told a press conference here today that he and his friends Michael Liew and Chester Pang, had yesterday applied for a police permit for the peaceful assembly at the city’s Padang Merdeka here.

“We decided to apply for the permit, with complete documents such as the programme for that day and a list of the organising committee members,” he said.

Asked what would happen if the police deny them the permit, Atama, 36, said they would re-apply and “will cross the bridge when we come to it”.

Atama, who is a member of MCLM (Malaysian Civil Liberty Movement), said that he was leading the Bersih campaign as a civil movement.

“We are exercising our rights in accordance with the Federal Constitution,” he said.

“We have formed an ad hoc committee to get the various civil movements to come under one umbrella to support the Bersih rally in a disciplined and peaceful manner,” Atama said.

The Kadazandusun singer, speaking in fluent English, expects 500 to turn up for the march.