Rally & aftermath

As with my previous experience during the Hindraf Rally, here are a few tips and information on how the GOM will handle the Rally, the participants and Public Relations as well as conclude it.

By -Vetrivel-

These are the events surrounding Bersih and the Aftermath that we expect will happen.

As with my previous experience during the Hindraf Rally, here are a few tips and information on how the GOM will handle the Rally, the participants and Public Relations as well as conclude it.

Buses were stopped by the numbers all over Malaysia. Any bus moving out from South or North were held at checkpoints by police from various states and taken away for questioning. Even those who were heading for weddings and receptions were not spared.

People were checked randomly and even police checked handphone messages and sms-es as well as baggages, booth checks and in some cases harrassed people into admitting they are attending the Rally.

News papers/media go to extremes to vilify anything to do with the Rally.

The police will appear like clowns as they start randomly arresting people and give the most ridiculous reasons. This time they have already started the circus with trumped up charges which will not stick. (Remember the Terrorist link to Hindraf who were supposedly part of LTTE in Sri Lanka?)

Massive Roadblocks not only to KL but to the entire Malaysia as well. All highway entry points around the Klang Valley will be monitored, KTM stations, LRT stations (maybe even shut down). Minimum 3 Blocks for a 45 km distance (example KESAS- One block per Tol).

Frighten, create fear and chaos, use all means nessecery till the day of event.

On the day of event (which happened on Nov 25th 2007)
1. People started to move one night before but were stopped from entering KL. People denied stays in Hotels and all cars were checked, people patted down and phones checked.

2. The group that decided to go and wait in Batu Caves (as a sanctuary waiting for dawn) were the most unfortunate. They were locked inside the gates and sprayed with Chemical water. Over 2000 of them were stuck inside and even after the Rally they were not released out of the temple till nightfall!

3. Divide and Rule: Police swarming all over the city to block groups gathering and become larger. This will be used again. Those who tried to reach KLCC were blocked over at Jalan Ampang and never could join the Main Rally. There are 2 versions of the Rally – One on the other side of the city (Jln Ampang/ Jln Tun Razak/ Gombak/ Sentul/ Jalan pudu/ Jalan Cheras) and the other which was at KLCC and the area surrounding it. The cops and Rela managed to break the crowd into even smaller groups and attacked them easily. The cases of being arrested were from the Jalan Ampang side (which was the smaller group) and easier to handle. The KLCC side had hardly any arrests due to the sheer size of the crowd.

The bigger crowds around KLCC area were broken up by chemical water and the best weapon was teargas. Hundreds of people were sprayed with teargas which made them run helter-skelter and easily broke them up.

4. Not to forget, helicopters were flying extremely low to intimidate as well as give information to the cops/Rela on the best locations to attack and disperse the crowd.

5. Provoke 1st blood. The Rally was extremely peaceful and people sat down below KLCC by the thousands and patiently listened to speeches when the sudden shower of teargas fell onto a peaceful crowd. Menacing batons, AK47s and marching police armed to create violence among a crowd with old people, ladies as well as handicapped people. Did they care?

6. Time and again the organizers controlled the crowd and got them back into submitting peacefully to walk and give the memorandum. But every time they gathered the people, they became easy targets for water canons and teargas. Teargas stings like crazy. It choked the people like inhaling fireworks and causes nausea, difficluty to breathe as well as lots of tears and phlegm to be coughed out. Those sitting were stampeded upon and became easy targets again.

7. How or why any police got hurt as claimed? Nobody knows but be prepared for gory pictures of policemen being hit by stones or any retaliation by the Rakyat to adorn the News as causing grievances to people.

8. No damage at all. But be prepared for Newsflashes claiming Millions were lost to damage and even more due to loss of business. Get ready for images of massive damage for govt to claim: “I told you so.”

9. Eventually, it may take hours for the Rally to be over. But expect Mass arrests. Do not retaliate. Surrender peacefully. They are looking for people who fight back. They want to provoke and will provoke.

10. Take photos – These are evidence. We had Lau Weng San (now assemblyman of Kg.Tunku) who did maverick work and did good journalism and had excellent proof of Police brutality.

11. International News and Journalists will cover this event. Nevertheless, GOM will give a PR publicity stunt to say everything is A-OK.

12. Special Branch infiltration. There will be many Special Branch officers who will be part of the rally and may even get arrested and go to jail. Thats their job, to gather information and infiltrate. Be prepared for these people. They may be of any race. Hindraf claims one such person even became one of the main leaders who headed the group and was ready for even ISA.


Expect GOM to claim victory because
i) the memorandum was not delivered
ii) too few in the crowd than expected
iii) only some communities came for the Rally
iv) Participants were unruly
v) Haram is the Keyword

Expect massive arrests and expect people to be charged unscrupulously.

Expect ISA.

Expect Demonisation of rakyat and legitimatise reasons to charge them.

Expect the Unexpected.