FMT launches live interview broadcast

FMT kicks off its first live interview tomorrow with Haris Ibrahim.

(Free Malaysia Today) – FMT will take on a new challenge tomorrow with the launch of FMT RAW a series of live half-hour interviews that will incorporate viewer interaction.

Where FMT’s previous interviews were either text-based or pre-recorded with no reader or viewer input, FMT RAW will see questions from viewers being answered in real time by the interviewee.

The first live broadcast will take place at 3pm tomorrow where Bersih steering commitee member, Haris Ibrahim, will take the seat. The interview will focus on Bersih’s “Walk of Democracy” scheduled to take place on July 9.

FMT editor, K Kabilan, said that FMT RAW is the online portal’s new feature specifically targetted at the Facebook audience.

“This will help our Facebook fans and other Facebook users to interact directly with personalities on the issues of the day,” he explained. “We encourage all Facebook users to take part in our first session tomorrow and to ask questions relating to the Bersih rally.”

Kabilan added that FMT RAW would be a regular feature with more interesting personalities.