Perkasa chief Ibrahim makes a U-turn


After stirring the hornest’ s nest, Ibrahim Ali claims his words were twisted and taken out of context and that he was merely advising the Chinese community.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Now Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali has latched on to politicians’ favourite phrase “I was misquoted.” On Sunday, he was reported to have made racist threats against the Chinese community.

But after stirring the hornest ‘s nest, he is back-pedalling by saying what he really meant was that he was advising the Chinese community to stay away from the Bersih rally slated for July 9.

Ibrahim said he merely “advised” the Chinese community not to participate in the planned rally and denied any insinuations against the community or that a racial clash could occur.

The Pasir Mas MP said his observation was that the Chinese community traditionally shied away from joining street demonstrations and his statement merely encouraged them to do the same when the rally was held.

“I said it was better for the Chinese to stay home and if they need to, stock up on food… what does that mean? That means that usually, when there are street protests, I do not see the Chinese participating,” he told reporters in Parliament here.

“The Chinese never participate in street demonstrations as far as I am concerned. So this demonstration… I foresee those participating will be the Malays from PAS, Umno and us so it will be a clash among the Malays… so in order to prevent it from spreading to the other races, I said that it is better for the Chinese to stay back, that is all,” he added.

Transitional government

On Sunday, Ibrahim, who declared himself to be a “war general” leading a counter rally against Bersih, was quoted as saying that his outfit should not be held responsible for any untoward incidents should Bersih continue with its protest on July 9.

He was also reported to have warned the Chinese against joining the rally, asking them to stay home and “stock up on food” in reference to the Emergency period imposed during the racial riots of 1969 that left scores dead.

It was reported by online news portal The Malaysian Insider whom Ibrahim accused of twisting his words and “spinning” the issue.

“The Malaysian Insider twisted my words to say that if the Chinese come out, there will be problems and we will attack them and that is why they should stay at home. I did not mean that… that is the meaning of the idiot from The Malaysian Insider,” he said.