It’s subterfuge, says Perak Pakatan

By Humayun Kabir, Free Malaysia Today

IPOH: Perak DAP alleged that the state government is sabotaging Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers’ attempts to campaign in Sarawak for the state election on April 16.

Its deputy chief V Sivakumar said this was because the date for the start of the Perak State Legislative Assembly initially scheduled from April 5 has now been moved to April 12.

“This change of the sitting date has put a damper on Pakatan lawmakers’ plans to fully take part  in the Sarawak state polls.

“I see no reason for the change of dates except for the fact that Perak BN government wants to sabotage our campaigning in Sarawak,” said Sivakumar, a former Pakatan assembly speaker.

“The sympathy factor for Pakatan when BN forcefully took over the state (Perak) will be a major plus point in our campaign in Sarawak and we were hoping to exploit this to the utmost,” he said.

Sivakumar said that the notice of the original assembly sitting for April 5 was sent to all Pakatan lawmakers by assembly secretary Rumazi Baharin on March 1.