Re: God does not want world peace (by John Doe)

MT readers, which I presume are mostly highly educated, globally exposed also fall into this same “your religion, my religion” trap.  

By Koja 

I read with interest the article composition by John Doe titled “God does not want world peace”. Admittedly, it is a cheeky piece that begins with a lengthy description of “how” God commanded atrocities to the people as described in the bible. But at the end, the message being delivered is, to quote him: “Two hands working towards World Peace are far better than a Praying Planet”, which I think is the entire point of the article, that peace is acquired through solid action and not just some mass prayers or self-conviction.

Which brings me to the comments (there were 7 at the time of reading). First comment: “History is all about killing… a friend turned atheist.” Hey, this article is not about turning atheist or what, it is about bringing peace through action.

Second comment: “are you trying to mock Allah?” Uhm, where?

Third comment: “Killings nothing to do with God … humans should leave God alone…” Yeah, ok, but you’re missing the point.

Fourth comment: “John Doe, stop knocking up the christians.” So you didn’t get the point either.  

Fifth comment: “It is not God’s fault that the world is in a chaotic mess.” Yeah I know, see third comment.

Sixth comment: “Those who disagrees with this article should do proper research to deny this article is not
true.” Ok, you agreed with the whole lengthy part of the gory description, then you missed the last point mentioned.  

Seventh comment: “So what is the conclusion?” I don’t know what are you reading up to now, the conclusion is obviously the last few sentences as in any article.

Well, MT readers like to comment on articles related to PAS, JAKIM  etc that they are some religious fundies that are obsolete in this era. They claim parties like BN and others like to play the religious card. But I can see now why is this so effective, because MT readers, which I presume are mostly highly educated, globally exposed also fall into this same “your religion, my religion” trap.  

In the end, religion clouds the main objective, which is to work together, provide solid action to world peace (or whatever agenda). Religion serves as an effective distraction, as you can see even non-religious people are clouded by the brouhaha till they cannot see the main point.

As long as this mindset is not going to change, I can see the current incumbent government is going to sit comfortably in their seats until kingdom comes. Even if they are toppled and the next incoming government is to rule, I’m pretty sure the scenario would stay the same as they are voted in by none less our own “trapped” citizens.

It will be an uphill task to revolutionise mindsets (as some leaders aptly put it, third class mentality in a first class infrastructure). While I’m not saying that I have any solid proposals or solutions, I hope in the near future someone really smart and revolutionary would come up with one.