Sex video: Umno not involved, says Najib

The question is whether the tape is authentic or not, says Umno president.

(BERNAMA) – Najib Tun Razak said today that Umno had nothing to do with the sex video alleged to involve an opposition leader.

“The question is whether the tape is authentic or not because if it is genuine, a sin had been committed. This is what has to be determined first,” the Prime Minister and Umno president said.

“There are those inclined towards conspiracy theories which distract from the core question of whether this sinful act occurred and was recorded,” he told reporters after chairing an Umno supreme council meeting here.

On the call for a royal commission to be set up to investigate the authenticity of the video, he said this was up to the government to decide.

Najib said that police must carry out an investigation that was thorough and professional, with experts brought in to help.

Najib said that the experts could help ascertain whether the video had been doctored.

“It is very easy to see and verify if a video had been doctored,” he added.

Yesterday, former Malacca chief minister Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik and businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah handed to the police at Bukit Aman the video together with an Omega gold watch, alleged to belong to the person seen in the video.

Najib said the meeting also discussed the party membership which now totalled 3,233,586.

He also said the meeting decided to lift the suspension imposed in 2009 on state assemblyman for Usukan in Sabah Japlin Akim for involvement in money politics.