Pakatan S’wak seat spat: Who’s greedy? PKR or DAP

PY Wong

The current hot news is the ongoing seat negotiations between DAP and PKR and how it has broken down. The story is that DAP wants 18 seats, mainly Chinese-majority and that PKR wants to reduce it to 13 by demanding 5 of their seats.

It will be instructive to look at the situation during the 2006 Sarawak State Elections.

Of the 5 seats in dispute (N9 Padungan, N13 Batu Kawah, N25 Balai Ringin, N63 Piasau and N65 Senadin) 4 were contested by PKR and 1 by SNAP (N25 Balai Ringin).

Even then, both the candidates who contested in Balai Ringin are now PKR members. Hence PKR’s request for the 5 seats. The issue here is DAP demanding 5 seats, 4 of which were contested by PKR previously.