Nazri to BN partners: Don’t blackmail Umno

Umno veteran Nazri Aziz says Umno will go directly to the people if any BN component parties threaten a boycott in the coming general election.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz has issued a stern warning to Barisan Nasional (BN) partners: “Don’t blackmail Umno.”

He said Umno would go directly to the people if the BN component parties tried to blackmail or threaten the Malay-based party with non-cooperation in the coming 13th general election.

“We will go directly to all the communities if they (BN component parties) threaten us with boycotts (in the coming general election),” said Nazri, who is also Padang Rengas Umno division chief.

He was speaking to reporters after attending a function of 45 village headmen at Sauk, Kuala Kangsar, here today.

He was commenting on the alleged threat by MCA Padang Rengas division to boycott Nazri in the coming general election if he does not apologise for labelling MCA a “neglected wife” who refuses to divorce (from BN), which was allegedly reported in the Chinese daily Nanyang Siang Pau.

His remarks whipped up a political storm among MCA and Gerakan leaders who roundly condemned him, warning Nazri that his statement could damage the relationship between the BN component parties and lead to a loss of non-Malay votes in the coming Sarawak state polls and general election.

“Why should I apologise as I am entitled to my freedom of expression,” Nazri said.

“I have no problem with the Chinese community (in my constituency) as they are very supportive of me.

“I can work through the various Chinese NGOs to reach out and provide public services to them,” he said.

When asked whether he is following in the footsteps of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who is taking his 1Malaysia concept directly to the various communities without going through the BN component parties like MIC and MCA, he said:

“Yes! That is right, we will move directly to the people and not through the party (MCA).”