Kita willing to forge political ties

Kita says it is ready to work with any political parties on power sharing after the next general election as long as it is not a ‘marriage of convenience’.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air or Kita is prepared to work with any political blocks or parties on power sharing after the next general election as long as it was not a “marriage of convenience”.

Kita president Zaid Ibrahim said Kita would never compromise its policies and principles merely to be in power.

The former de facto law minister insisted that his party was neither power-grabbing nor power- crazed.

Citing PAS-DAP link vis-à-vis Pakatan Rakyat as an example of marriage of convenience, he said Kita would only accept any power-sharing concept if the interested parties agreed to his party’s political struggle.

“Otherwise, we would not commit into such power-sharing cooperation,” Zaid told reporters after officially launching the party Kedah branch here today. Present were Kedah Kita chairman Zamil Ibrahim and Penang Kita chairman Tan Tee Beng, the Nibong Tebal MP.

He said that Kita could be offered a chance to share power in the federal government or state government if the party managed to win seats in the next general election.

He said Kita could be interested in power sharing based on policies and issues if no political blocks could muster a majority to form the next government.

He added that a political marriage of convenience was all about an electoral pact to help each other to win votes and seats.

Although DAP and PAS do not have much in common, he noted both parties were prepared to set aside their vast differences and work together for electoral gains.

However, Zaid assured that Kita would never enter into such an unholy alliance in a marriage of convenience.

He said his party would, however, go solo in the next general election.

He indicated the party would field candidates in viable seats in states of Kedah, Perlis and Selangor.

Kita may opt out of Penang because “DAP seems too strong in the state”.

‘ A documentary, not pornography’

On the much-talked about sex video allegedly involving a top Pakatan politician, Zaid, an ex-PKR supreme council member, said he was prepared to face the police for viewing the obscene clips.

However, he insisted that police should also haul up others, like Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul, for watching the tape.

He, however, said that he was prepared “to pay the price” if viewing the tape was considered an offence under the law.

“But it was also offence for a top leader to do such an act,” he said.