Pakatan Rakyat – Where is your Plan B?


It is common knowledge that since the 1990’s, DSAI has been battling one Goliath after another. The recent accusation related to the video screening is no exception. In fact, I am sure by now, the rakyat are quite desensitized to such scandalous accusation. After all, most of us who follow current events have witnessed one bizarre incident after ranging from sex scandals, corruption and all kinds of soap operarish episodes. A recent report by The Malaysian Insider HERE makes me wonder if Pakatan Rakyat has a Plan B after facing the onslaught of issues.

According to the report:

Several PAS leaders had been forewarned by a group claiming links to Umno about a “surprise” that would affect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s public image, about a month before a video emerged which allegedly shows the opposition leader having sex with an unidentified woman.

“Their request was simple. They claimed they represented Umno-BN, and they only asked for Datuk Seri Anwar not to be active in Pakatan Rakyat, meaning they don’t want him in mainstream politics,” a source told The Malaysian Insider.

“They do not care if Pakatan is headed by someone else, as long as it is not Datuk Seri Anwar; that was their request.”

The source added that the anonymous group did not provide proof to show they really were from Umno and BN as claimed.

According to the source, the request was made about a month ago and that they had alleged “there will be a surprise” shortly related to the PKR de facto chief’s public image.

PAS leaders are said to have refused to entertain the request to pass the “message” to Anwar, even though it is generally known that the Islamist party is divided over Anwar’s role in PR.

“PAS leaders have taken a stern stand not to do so,” said the source.

We all know that DSAI was instrumental in forming a viable opposition coalition following the 2008 tsunami victory.

However, Pakatan Rakyat has yet to deal with a range of issues that must be addressed if they want to secure a bigger victory in the next GE.

* Who is next in the line of command?

The continuous assault on DSAI and PKR (and ultimately PR) shows that he still carries clout where the status quo is concerned. Despite the battle scars, DSAI is still holding the fort but the question is for how long?

If PAS were forewarned, why did they NOT pass the message/warning to Anwar? Of course one can argue that the forewarning could have been perceived as a frivolous threat since there have been so many obstacles in DSAI’s path. Or, it could have been out of sensitivity to DSAI’s feelings and respect for the leader, we do not know. However, the very fact that the attacks have been continuous and the fact that the next GE is imminent should have been a clear indication that the threat should have been taken more seriously!!! So what is the real reason behind the inertia?

* With the long-drawn trial of Sodomy II, have PR prepared themselves for the worst case scenario?

The absence of a next-in-line is evident not only in PR as a coalition but seems to be evident in the component parties as well. In any good organization, leaders must always train others to take over the leadership. One can never hope to be a leader forever. Neither can one always hope that the same leader can take the army to battle.

Life is full of uncertainties. We can never be sure what may happen next.

As such, I opine that it is absolutely necessary that Pakatan Rakyat leaders come together and reason to make important decisions that will affect its performance in the next GE including:

* Who will take over in case DSAI has to go? 

This issue has to be settled as soon as possible for the rakyat to have confidence in the coalition. They do not have to disclose the identity of the next in line but at least tell us that they have made a decision to combat any eventuality.

* Where is the Shadow Cabinet?

I believe this issue has to be settled before the next election. So far, we have heard so much talk about the Shadow Cabinet before the supposed Sept 16th 2008 crossover that never was.

To be able to march confidently into the battle ground of the next GE with head held high, it is imperative that Pakatan Rakyat keeps is promises and presents a clean report book to the rakyat.

* What is the manifesto for the next General Elections and the Sarawak State Elections?

We have a more mature and informed electorate who will not simply accept any rhetoric or empty promises any more.

For decades, the rakyat have had a very raw deal and the wounds are still gaping wide open. Huge amounts of iodine and antiseptic have been applied to assuage the pain but the fact remains that those wounds have not healed and the pain remains. Worse still, expectations are higher and in some situations, confusion or apathy may abound.

* Where are your foot soldiers?

A general with no army is useless. An army with no commander in chief is hopeless.Just as we need competent leaders to lead the country to change via the ballot box, we also need AS MANY FOOT SOLDIERS as possible who can be at the beck and call of the various political parties.

And they have to volunteer as their call of duty – not for any monetary gain or fame.

I am well aware that there are those who have moved forward to do their part in paving the way for the next elections but there are some who want to help but don’t know how to.

The time has come for ALL the branches of the various PR component parties to get down to the brass tags of working with the grassroots – GO OUT and recruit helpers for the next GE.

GO OUT and solicit for donations in any form. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE.

So far, they seem to have been consumed by the culture of putting out bush fires. That has to stop. Get ready for the real challenge – the next GE.

There is no time for fancy meetings, beautiful plans/blueprints in the form of reports or forums. We have no time for that.

Come on – get real lah!

Concentrate on winning the battle for all the plans will come to naught if the battle is lost. After three years of being in public service, enough time and manpower should have been invested in drafting plans for the nation.

Tragically, I am aware of some volunteers who only got into action with regards to PLANS for rakyat in whatever area of concern. A tad too late. Enough talk about pipe dreams and plans. That stage is over – get down to serious business of winning the next GE.

* Who are your worthy candidates for the next GE? 

Prepare their resume, track record and for heaven’s sake, offer only the best and not rejects from elsewhere! The emergence of frogs and soloists who jumped ship is evidence that standards and screening have to be vigorous.