Hell hath no fury as ……

KTemoc Konsiders

When I am challenged about my sympathetic comments for Zaid Ibrahim against his current sniping at Anwar Ibrahim I would think of the idiom ‘don’t get mad, get even’.

Anwar Ibrahim, due perhaps to his mystical support of and very obvious and invincible allegiance to Azmin Ali, has offended, upset and made enemies of many of his erstwhile supporters – Nallakarupan, once partner in tennis and various other activities, Gobalakrishnan, once chief bodek-er and an anwarista fanatic, Ezam once right-hand man of the so-called Great Reformer, and of course Zaod Ibrahim the less intimate colleague but nonetheless one who left his ministerial post to be Anwar’s supporter, and many others.

I’ll talk of three only to arrive at what I believe can explain Zaid’s recent conduct against Anwar, whether he is working directly for BN against Anwar as he has been naturally accused of.

We know that years ago prior to a PKR party election, Nalla was instructed directly by Anwar to stay out of the contest for a VP post. The quite credible story was that Anwar wanted to ensure his blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali, secure an unimpeded place among the VPs, which was essential to Azmin’s climb to the deputy president post and eventually the No 1 position in PKR.

Poor Nalla was once threatened with a walk to the gallows because of his closed relationship with Anwar. One can imagine how betrayed he would have felt when his so-called ‘best friend’ instructed him to stay out of the VP race in which he was certain to win the contest, given the large Indian membership in PKR at that time. He realized he wasn’t all that valued by Anwar after all.

Gobala’s case was slightly different. While he wasn’t instructed to stay out of the party’s election, he like many others contesting in the last PKR party election felt cheated by the many still-unexplained unaccountable irregularities in the polling process. To add insult to injury, post party election, when the consolation prizes were handed out, he was dumped in favour of newcomer Surendran. The final stab into his once-loyal (bodek-Anwar) heart was when he was issued a show cause letter, to be replied within 7 days.

How does one get even when one’s mad or even broken hearted, deserted by a man they had idolized, who betrayed them for a lang chai (pretty boy)?

Nalla formed his own half-past-six party but really with the real aim of moving into and using BN to get at Anwar.

Gobala remained as an independent but no doubt is fully aware his political life as an independent has a shorter lifespan than a Mayfly. He lashes out at Anwar while he has the public attention, before he fades off into one of Malaysian history’s footnotes.

Then we come to Zaid Ibrahim – just read my post Zaid Ibrahim – suffers no fool gladly to appreciate his disgusts with Anwar Ibrahim and PKR.

But unlike Nalla and Gobala, Zaid is wealthy and has a leadership persona that Azmin Ali worried deeply about when the former was in PKR. Worse, unlike Indians Nalla and Gobala, Zaid is a Melayu and thus (when he was in PKR) a clear & present danger to Azmin and his ambitions.