Of political desperados, dingoes and demons

Anwar Ibrahim, the man who has been the drawing and driving force behind the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat (PR), must be destroyed at all cost. Never before has anyone posed such a danger to Umno.

By Martin Jalleh

The PM and Umno are desperate, very desperate indeed. It has dawned very hard on them that they could soon be driven out of Putrajaya and into political oblivion.

Anwar Ibrahim, the man who has been the drawing and driving force behind the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat (PR), must be destroyed at all cost. Never before has anyone posed such a danger to Umno.

They had tried very hard to do his political career in with a sham sodomy trial but he bounced back even more determined, and with his coalition, dealt them a severe blow in the last general elections.

They had once dismissed him as a has-been and irrelevant. But Anwar just refused to disappear. Now they are convinced he must be demolished forever and then Pakatan Rakyat will definitely disintegrate.          

Umno would launch relentless dastardly attacks on his reputation with the help of spin doctors in the mainstream media and online cyber-troopers and ceaselessly attempt to damage his credibility and integrity.

They would incessantly drum it into the minds of the citizens of Bolehland long and loud enough that he is a man of dubious character, one who will do anything to be the PM of Malaysia.

They would demonise him as a loyal friend of the Zionists, denigrate him as a spy for the US, defame him as a CIA agent, disparage him as a political chameleon and denounce him as a traitor.

They would deploy anyone to demolish him, whether they be in Umno, Apco or a bozo in the police, AG’s Chambers and especially the judiciary, people who would dance to their tune at the drop of a hat.

They would get deserters, detractors and disgruntled leaders of his party and within the coalition to discredit him with their stale and silly exposé and to derail the process of change that the PR wants to bring about.

A “Doctor in the House” joins in the diatribe against Anwar with his memoirs – a “doctored” memory of the past by a supposed statesman who prefers to live in the present on self-deception, delusion and denial.

Such is their desperation, they would even resurrect characters who played a “vicious role” in the conspiracy of Sodomy I, one of whom was described in a court transcript as being “disowned by her own father”. 

They would even deny Anwar a place in parliament for six months with the help of the Speaker whom Tunku Abdul Aziz (a respected public figure) described as a “total disgrace”.

Sodomy Script

Politically bankrupt and devoid of political principles, they would dish out yet another sodomy script. Once again they would ruthlessly drag his and his family’s good name through the mud.

Prosecution star witness Saiful would not disappoint in the judicial circus. He contradicts himself and even has a sex liaison with a DPP in the case! The Court confirms it did happen but refuses to dismiss the case.

The AG and the judge would deny Anwar access to the details that are as a norm furnished to the defence at the start of a trial. But the AG would disclose all documents to the defence in the Ling Liong Sik’s case.

A chemist acknowledges that DNA found in Saiful’s rear end could have come from as many as 10 different people – including himself! Saiful gives new meaning to the phrase “go f**k yourself”! (Asia Sentinel)

The prosecution is at a point of desperation when the AG’s Chambers and the police commit a plethora of mistakes regarding DNA evidence. They should be aptly dubbed the “DNA” – Desperate n Asinine team.

Courage deserts the judge as he overturns his own decision made during a trial-within-a-trial (which is very rarely done). Anwar says he is not surprised. The judge may be pressured and directed to stick to the script.

Umno has even contingent plans to dispose of Anwar. They come up with a new video tape showing a man alleged to be Anwar having sex with a female Chinese prostitute.

From the feedback of reporters who saw it and the glaring questions that have arisen as to how, where and when it was shown, one can only deduce that it is but doctored trash.  

Najib parrots Hishamuddin and denies that the police are involved in the making of the sex tape. The public remembers how he had denied that he had ever met Saiful but later admitted that he did meet Saiful after all.

De facto law minister Nazri Aziz, who is reputed for his temper tantrums, theatrics, threats, taunts, and twisting the truth declares that the showing of the “blue film” (his very own words) is legitimate!

Nazri asks the public not to shoot the “messenger”. Datuk T is no “messenger” but a “Terrorist” employed to assassinate Anwar’s character!

Distractions & Diversions

Umno’s alleged sex scandals by opposition members are not only a conspiracy to destroy Anwar, but they are meant to distract the nation from the failures of the BN government and Umno.    

The sex video is shown on the very day the Sarawak state assembly is dissolved. Do Sarawakians want to deliberate and decide on their future or waste their energy over the salacious contents of a doctored tape?

When the nation is sex saturated, and the people enjoy their daily sex diet, this is what Umno and the BN government wants to do:

Distract the rakyat from the damning evidence that the country is going to the dogs and that we are living in a “sham democracy” (Tengku Razaleigh).

Divert the people’s attention from the reality that we have a dead constitution (courtesy of the judiciary), a divided nation, decaying institutions, a dour economy and a disturbing diaspora rate!  

Deflect the public’s attention from Umno’s rampant corruption, exacerbating internal divisions and that the Umnoputras are bleeding this country dry.

Deceive the nation with Najib’s “performance” consisting of nothing but public relations, publicity stunts, political rhetoric, populist slogans, propaganda puff, a pipe-dream and a pie in the sky!  

Downplay the successes of the PR States. Deny, delay and distribute discriminately federal funds they are entitled to, whilst hiding the fact that some of the BN states are near debt or in deficit.

It is very evident that Umno has not changed! It has plunged to such depths that it is only adept at churning out sex stories to destroy its enemies, the No.1 being Anwar!  It has no sense of decency or shame left.

It has to resort to dirty politics (no matter how despicable and disgusting) in order to survive. It will one day reap what it now sows and bury itself in the very grave it has dug for Anwar today.

It would no doubt be an “unmitigated disaster” if the rakyat were to vote for BN and (Najib) in the next general elections!